When did it become OKAY to prance a bunch of drag queens in front of children at a zoo?

When did it become OKAY to have drag queen reading hours at public libraries?

When did it become OKAY to let “gender fluid” people post photos of their nipples on social media?

That would be since the Democrats took up the cause of transgenders.

When the proponents of gay marriage got their way and the Supreme Court declared same sex marriage legal in the United States in 2015, the Democrats needed new “victims” to fight for. That is when the “G” became LGBTQ and the “T” became almost a religion to them, allowing men to go into the bathrooms and locker rooms of women AND children – and allowing men to compete against women in high school and college sports and even in the Olympics.

But let’s be honest about these “drag shows” that are popping up at zoos and libraries and other children venues – they are perverted events that children shouldn’t be anywhere near. As Fox News Aldo Buttazzoni reports, “The ‘Drag Show’ phenomenon – in which adult men dress up in scantily clad women’s clothing, gaudy makeup, and often wear female prosthetics to mimic women—has evolved past adult night clubs and forced its way into children’s spaces under the guise of ‘family-friendly’ events. Despite what the hosts of these events would have you believe, there is nothing family- friendly about them. Simply put, they are glorified strip shows and they are giving your kids a front row seat to watch.”

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Adding to the perversion is Facebook and Instagram who may soon allow non-binary users and transgenders to flash their bare breasts on their social media platforms. According to The New York Post, the Meta Oversight Board (Facebook’s “Supreme Court”) ordered both Facebook and Instagram to “lift a ban on images of topless women for anyone who identifies as transgender or non- binary, meaning they view themselves as neither man or female.”

That sure leaves a LOT open to interpretation. People these days can “identify” as anything they wan to identify as – any sex, any color, any species, any fruit or vegetable.

So if this is the new world we’re living in, it’s probably a good idea to stop your kids from going to the library and the zoo – and it’s probably a good idea to start closing down the social media accounts of your children – although how many of you will ACTUALLY do that? Because God forbid you PROTECT your child if they’re going to whine about how all of their friends are on social media and you are ruining their life. So what? I think watching drag shows and seeing nipples on their screens all day will ruin their lives much faster.

The perverted Oversight Board of Meta actually said in their decision about the new nipple policy, “The same image of female-presenting nipples would be prohibited if posted by a cisgender woman but permitted if posted by an individual self-identifying as non-binary.”

Yes, language matters. And the Democrats are always using language to make their crimes and their perversion actually sound like they are wonderful and decent people and that anyone who opposes them are the perverts – the bigots. Yes, it’s a nice scam they have going.

But what the Democrats are actually doing is quite sinister. Their actions fall under the heading of LGBTQ “recruitment” which is the path that the Democrats are on right now with their support of access to transgenders and transgender information to children all across the country.