You really can’t make this stuff up. Literally. I don’t know how the “Babylon Bee” can keep their company going anymore. How can you write satire when the REAL WORLD under Democrat control IS satire. Satirical yet sadly true.

Recently, Portland State University had students sit at different tables that matched their “self-ascribed” racial identities in an event titled “The Future and Thriving of BIPOC Communities.”

Because the Democrats need to divide people into categories to get their votes, they have infiltrated just about every area of life with their cancer as well including colleges and universities. And racism, whether real or imagined, is one of their main tactics to win elections.

Sadly, the leftists, who run most of the colleges and universities, are brainwashing the students into segregating themselves by race and treating each other differently.

Certainly, it’s not like anything I was ever raised to do and I find it quite disgusting. I moved back to Michigan from the south partly because of the racism – on both sides. I couldn’t stand the judgement, from either side, according to your race and only your race – and from total strangers.

Keeping yourself in a group, segregating yourself by race, is no way to live. And it’s not the “real” America that most of us live in. We have family members and best friends who are from all different races and mixed races and from walks of life.

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But the Democrats continue to promote “diversity.” It’s one of the few things that they do well. However, their definition of diversity is racism and segregation.

And what were you supposed to do at the Portland State University event if you are black and Latino? White and Middle Eastern? Do you start your own table?

Or are you just an “un” person like Hawkeye was on M*A*S*H when they declared him dead a little earlier than reality dictated.

Oh wait…it looks like the university had “multicultural” tables too. Wasn’t that nice of them? And apparently, you could even start your own table if you were multicultural, gay and disabled.

I can’t believe the university actually had enough tables for everyone by the end of their event. What about left-handers? What about people who don’t like spinach? What about people who prefer boxers to briefs?

Their little BS summit was supposed to promote “equity and justice” but all they really ended up promoting was tables.