It has been apparent for some time that the reason Democrats support an open southern border is that they hope immigrant votes, legal or illegal, will flip Texas thus denying Republicans national majorities and the White House. They did it in Arizona, once a solid red state. Now it’s purple trending blue.

The Biden administration also gives preferential treatment to Venezuelan and Nicaraguan legal and illegal immigrants, and less than such to Cubans who tend to vote Republican, in an attempt to bolster Dem votes in several battleground states.

Of course, millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico and other states other than Nicaragua in Central America have flooded into our border since the Biden administration took the helm.

And while it’s true first generation immigrants who come here for economic reasons have a tendency to rely on government services and vote Dem, immigrants who come here for political reasons go conservative. Throw that in with Latin conservative cultural attitudes and the Dem plan on immigration may not work out in the long run. Case in point, ze Germans.

After Hun reunification the same Europundits who eventually said the Soviets would never fall also said that the newly free East Germans would vote reliably left, meaning SPD. But a funny thing happened. People who lived under communism for forty years had no abiding love for the left no matter where they hailed from. Ask the Poles about that one. Thus former East Germans voted and continue to vote conservative, meaning CDU.

Another obvious example, the Cubans. I grew up Cuban in the cauldron of 1970s South Florida Cuban expat politics. We didn’t just disdain Democrats, we sprayed for them. To Cubans who had fled Castro, weak in the knees Dems who toyed with hard left economics were not just wrong, they were communists. No ifs, ands, or buts.

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Those voters and their descendants have kept Florida Republican more than not for 60 years. That’s why Dems have done everything they can to discourage Cuban immigration. Under DeSantis they know Florida is a lost cause to them. They don’t want to add to their horror.

Thus Nicaraguan and Venezuelan  immigrants fleeing Ortega and Maduro may dance with who brought them over. But as a card carrying first generation American of Latin heritage I can tell you the leftist spell doesn’t last long. Out of natural youthful rebellion many liberal Latins, even Dem loyalist Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, question their parents ideology. Sometimes it sticks. As the group respects strength in leaders (remember Trump’s high numbers with Latins) and Joe Biden is anything but strong, that will also have an effect.

Two other American ethnic groups, Italians and the Irish, started out in this country as Dem urban stalwarts. As they moved up the economic ladder and into the suburbs they began to politically change. Now, they are pillars of the Republican base.

Thus Dems should think again if they don’t see the backfire potential of an open border. But they won’t. Why? Because they don’t read, and never learn, from history.