As you have probably heard, China is going through a Covid outbreak after they finally stopped their “zero Covid” policies. So they’re going through what the rest of the world did in 2020, resulting in hospitals and funeral homes filling up.

Because of this new outbreak, the Biden administration is imposing CDC rules to make sure that people flying directly to America from China, including from Hong Kong and Macua, get negative COVID-19 tests first. This rule is also imposed on travelers flying through third-country gateways like Toronto, Vancouver and Seoul.

But that’s not good enough for Trump’s former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. He thinks that we should shut down travel from China to stop Chinese President Xi Jinpink from infecting the world with another Covid variant.

Pompeo said on Sunday, “It sounds like we might have as many as one million Chinese people infected. Fifty percent of their population traveling.” He continued to say, “There is no reason we should allow the Chinese to do this again, to send Chinese-infected persons around the world, knowingly infecting people all across the globe.”

But Biden isn’t going to do that. Because it would be racist, and xenophobic and sexist and bigoted and intolerant and just plain mean.

Biden is not even in THAT big of a hurry to make the Covid tests mandatory. They don’t go into effect. until January 5th. That’s right. Not until Thursday.

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Some “emergency.”

The rules are for all of the travelers coming from China, regardless of nationality and vaccination status.

Hm… so vaccinations aren’t effective then??? The government doesn’t seem to think it makes any difference.

I think it’s a bit odd how the Chinese president is easing the country’s travel restrictions while at the same time his country is being ravaged by the virus. So I’m on board with Pompeo. Looks like there is some devious-ness going on here with their un-common sense.

But Biden and the CDC are on top of things so don’t fret. The CDC says they are announcing this step to “slow the spread of COVID-19 in the United States during the surge in COVID-19 cases in the People’s Republic of China…” and with their incredible track record of slowing the spread, I’m sure we will all be fine.