For a lot of you, the name Andrew McCabe is not new. Yep, he’s one of the scum Democrats who should be in jail for what he did while pursuing Donald Trump during the Russia collusion hoax in the coordinated coup against the former president.

Trump called McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI, “treasonous” and the description is not far from the truth.

McCabe, among other things, signed off on some FISA warrants using the fake dossier as evidence. The so called “law and order” man is just like the rest of the Democrats in the FBI and Justice Department – they will USE the law to their advantage in a partisan manner. They don’t actually care about UPHOLDING the law or blind justice or any of that nonsense.

And now that we have Biden’s DocumentGate, the partisan hack McCabe is up to his anti- American tricks again, only this time he’s trying to protect Biden after the revelations of all of the classified documents that were uncovered in the president’s possession.

According to The Blaze, McCabe was on CNN recently advising the Biden administration “NOT to cooperate with congressional inquiry into President Joe Biden’s improper retention of classified documents.”

Is anyone surprised??

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This former anti-Trump corrupt piece of scum is still a corrupt piece of scum.

McCabe said about Biden’s cooperation with congressional oversight, “I certainly would advise them (Biden administration), if they were willing to listen to my advice, I would advise them to take a very hard line against that.”

He continues, “There is a clear precedent here of not sharing information, from an ongoing criminal investigation, with Congress. And I think the DOJ is in a very strong position to resist on those grounds…Who knows what comes of that resistance? Maybe DOJ leadership starts getting subpoenaed. And ultimately, that fight will end up in the courts. And that could drag things out.”

Hm… they probably would LIKE it to drag on as long as possible. Maybe even for the whole two years that Biden has left and until the Democrats could possibly take back the House again in 2024.