Just the News has reported that six more classified memos have been found at President Biden’s Delaware home. The Justice Dept. found the documents in Biden’s possession after the FBI was searching on Friday. For those of you counting, according to Just the News, this is the “fifth time since November that classified materials have been found in an office or home of the 46th president.”

But don’t worry that classified documents are showing up on on Biden property like M&Ms left in an old sweater. It’s all good – he’s a Democrat. As he said the other day, “there’s no there there.” That’s a promise that you can take to the bank.

But didn’t “The Binder” (Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre) tell us all on January 12th that the search was “complete”? Hm… I’m sure she wouldn’t lie to us.

So what’s going on here?

It appears that it’s all innocent. Joe said (at least in the beginning of all this) that there were just a “handful” of documents that were filed in the wrong place.

But what’s really going on is that Biden is just an old man who needs classified docs around him all the time like M&Ms so that he feels better.

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They help President Disaster remember his glory days. The provide information so he can write books. They come in handy to hand off to the Chinese or Ukrainians to enrich his family fortune…

Plain or peanut, caramel or mint… it doesn’t matter what kind of classified document Biden has because they won’t melt in his hands. They’ll become GOLD in his hands.

Whether the documents come from Biden’s garage, his Corvette or Jill’s sock drawer is irrelevant because Biden is a good steward of documents, evidence and secrets. Heck, classified memos could show up in Hunter’s prostitute’s house and it would be okey dokey.

And leftists like Rob Reiner has old Joe’s back. He tweeted, “The sooner the DOJ can clear President Biden of any criminal wrongdoing, the sooner they can focus on saving the Rule of Law and our Democracy by indicting Trump…”

Yep. Trump bad, Biden good. Republicans bad, Democrats good.

Or maybe Democrats aren’t really “good” – but they certainly are protected no matter what they do.