For the most part, I am “all-in” with the Freedom Caucus and what they stand for – and I’m on their side in not voting for Kevin McCarthy as the new Speaker of the House.

But seriously, folks, be professional. Especially when you are dealing with “friendly” media (that’s anything other than CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the fake news).

When the leftists go on and on about the right-wing lunatics in the party, they will be able to easily point to the performance of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-COLO.) on Sean Hannity’s segment “Hannity Hot Seat” on Fox News last night.

American Wire News reported that the two of them got into a heated conversation last night but from what I saw, it wasn’t much of a conversation. Usually, the GUEST is the one who can’t say much when you’re in a “conversation” with Hannity because he likes holding court – but in this case, Boebert was one big filibuster who couldn’t take a breath. She spoke in one long run-on sentence.

Hannity thought her caucus should pack it in since they don’t have the votes. He said to her, “Kevin McCarthy has 202–3 votes. Your side has 20. So, if I’m gonna use your words, and your methodology, and your math, isn’t it time for you to pack it in and your side to pack it in considering he has over 200 and you have 20?”

She didn’t like that question and interrupted his questions over and over again. She said, “You know, the American people are certainly frustrated.”

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Yes, we are. In this case we were frustrated by HER not calming down and making decent talking points instead of coming off as some kind of un-hinged deplorable right-wing lunatic.

Hannity said to her, “Congresswoman, I’m frustrated by you not answering a direct question…” and he went on to ask her if he could finish his point.

Nope. Not likely.

She said McCarthy needs 218 (votes) and doesn’t have 218 to which Hannity replied, “neither do you!”

Towards the end of the segment, Hannity said, “With all due respect…If you only have 30, to be clear, you will not withdraw, but you’re telling Kevin McCarthy and the 203 people that support him to withdraw because they don’t have 218. That’s what you’re saying?”

She didn’t answer the question so he asked her again and she replied, “I’m not going to support Kevin McCarthy, Sean.”