According to a study published in the Daily Mail, America has suffered 300,000 non-Covid excess deaths since 2020.

This is something we have talked about for a very long time. When I was opposing strict lockdowns and joining protests at the state Capital in Lansing, Michigan, I warned against the damage they would do to kids. I warned that a mental health crisis was likely to follow and that people would soon die at a much faster rate because of things like missed mammograms and colonoscopies, resulting in higher rates of cancers and other illnesses.

Sadly, it’s clear that I was right about all of it, and yet The World Health Organization refuses to accept the truth. They continue to harp on the idea that taking the mRNA jabs will somehow help when they did nothing to slow the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It also seems more apparent with every passing day that those injections also caused considerable harm to possibly millions of people around the world.

According to the Daily Mail, the US has suffered nearly 300,000 more deaths than usual in more than two years of the pandemic. These deaths cannot be attributed to Covid itself, with researchers blaming lockdowns and delays to healthcare.

The latest official data shows 1.26 million excess deaths between February 2020 and the end of 2022, of which around 295,000 were unattributed to Covid. 
These excess mortalities are thought to be due to surges of cancer, heart disease, drug overdoses, and other preventable causes. However, a full analysis by the CDC is still likely weeks away.

Dr. Coady Wing, a health policy expert from Indiana University, told the Daily Mail that pandemic mandates kept people who needed care away from the doctor’s office, potentially costing thousands of lives.

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Per the CDC, the official death toll from Covid-19 in the US is nearly 1.1 million, but that does not include associated deaths such as fatal overdoses during lockdowns. The United States has suffered more increased deaths than many other nations, including Sweden, which famously opted against Covid lockdown measures. 

America has suffered a 14% increase in deaths over the past three years when compared to the average number of expected deaths. By comparison, Sweden recorded a 5% increase.

“It’s a hard question to decide how many lives were saved by the shutdowns themselves,” Dr. Wing said, but it appears to be a very small number—maybe 10,000 or less.

Hospitals refusing to take regular patients is now beginning to appear in the statistics.

The patients who could least afford missing appointments and routine screenings are the hardest hit.

Data from nearly every country that instituted lockdowns in the Spring of 2020 shows a stark increase in deaths from heart disease, cancer, and other common ailments.

Some experts believe the recent increase in other causes of death around Britain could also have been avoided without the strict lockdowns.

While some states, such as California, Michigan, and New York, enacted strict mandates, others, such as Florida and Texas, avoided state-level orders altogether.

Even after many of these orders were dropped, a number of clinics shifted primarily to telehealth services rather than in-person care to prevent the virus from spreading among the most vulnerable. This was not without consequences.

The CDC is reporting a 5% increase in cancer deaths beginning in 2020—and now it appears that number is rising, and cases that should have been caught earlier were simply missed.

Another study from Dartmouth found a 22% increase in the deaths of Alzheimer’s patients—and that was just the first year.

The rate of heart disease fatalities also jumped by 4%, and it’s growing too.

But The WHO is just not getting the message and continues to push for more strict controls. The organization, funded primarily by the Communist Chinese, is already on to the next big thing, hoping to declare a global climate crisis.

California, possibly due to its strict lockdowns, suffered the most non-Covid related excess deaths—and yet Gavin Newsome defends everything he did as Governor to prevent people from going outside and traveling. Closing businesses had almost no impact on stopping the disease or preventing people from dying, according to a study from Johns Hopkins University last year.

And none of this considers the rise in poverty because people lost jobs and businesses. Not to mention the increase in divorce and addiction to drugs and alcohol—all of which will continue to push excess death levels higher than they should be.

The politically motivated reaction to COVID from left-leaning politicians and governments was a death sentence for millions—and sadly, those deaths are just now accelerating. For those in funerals and cremation—business is great—but that is terrible for everyone else.

Despite the growing evidence that the political reaction from the authoritarian left was far beyond the pale, those in some very high offices refuse to admit just how wrong they were—continuing to play fast and loose with the health of millions of Americans.

And couple all of this with the latest admissions that COVID deaths may have been overcounted by as much as 70%, meaning the number of people killed by COVID could be around 350,000. Potentially, the number killed by US government policies may be as high as 300,000. You have to ask yourself—why the hell did we let all of that happen to us?