That is the message being sent loud and clear to all American citizens, and legal residents as the Biden Administration is ready to open the floodgates even wider at the southern border.

When the Title 42 provisions attached to the Covid Pandemic, which blocked millions of potential invaders from entering the country, expire on December 21st, the forecast is for 14,000 illegal aliens to roll into America daily.

That would be over 5 million illegals a year. Add that to those who came illegally since Joe Biden became President, and you will have 11 or 12 million illegals by the end of 2023 and 17 million new illegal aliens in this country by the next Presidential Election in 2024.

And that shows that being an American citizen is meaningless because nothing is being done to protect us from the global invasion that has been going on for months and is only going to get worse.
Citizenship was supposed to mean something, but under the Socialist regime of Joe Biden and the Border Czar Kamala Harris, it has become worthless. I mean, they can just come here, get government benefits, and bleed the system dry.

The border towns cannot possibly absorb anywhere near that many people, and frankly, neither can the states on the southern border. That means the invasion will be moving deep into the nation—millions of people without jobs, housing, or a way to feed themselves.

There is no question—this will fuel a new surge in crime—and violent crime.

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This is a recipe for a total disaster for the whole damn country. It might be enough to capsize the place just like Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia thought might happen to Guam a few years ago.

It’s also something Kevin McCarthy says is by design—it’s something the Democrats want.
To get a first-hand understanding of what is happening on the border, I spoke with Real America’s Voice Correspondent Anthony Aguerro in El Paso, Texas, this morning.

It turns out that things are already bad, with 6 million illegals already in the country just since Joe Biden stumbled into the Oval Office. It’s also projected that with the expiration of Title 42, another 13 million will be on their way.
Things are about to get a lot worse, and make no mistake; this is all by design. Biden and friends know exactly what they are doing—well, maybe not Biden—and they don’t care what you think or how it will hurt you.