An 85-year-old and a 61-year-old woman in Alabama received suspended sentences last week because they were trespassing while feeding and trapping stray cats.

Beverly Roberts and Mary Alston, like many animal rescuers across the country, are taking care of feral cats because the governments in the cities they live in won’t deal with them. And by deal with them, I don’t mean to kill them. I mean that they should be trapped, neutered and released to a safe area with friendly ones being adopted out.

According to the Montgomery Advertiser, the two women received a sentence of two years unsupervised parole and each of them has to pay a $100 fine. In addition, they received 10-day suspended jail sentences. The website reports that Roberts was found guilty of criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct and Alston was convicted of criminal trespassing and interfering with governmental operations.

The five-and-a-half hour trial in Elmore County on Tuesday resulted in their attorneys saying they will appeal the verdict and demand a jury trial.

Their attorneys argued that the criminal trespass charges were invalid because feeding stray cats isn’t against the law in Wetumpka which makes the follow-up charges baseless. They also contend that it was a biased arrest that the Mayor was involved in. They said that Roberts has a history of making complaints concerning animal welfare matters in the city and the Mayor had ordered them to be arrested.

The Mayor denied being involved during the trial; however, Officer Crumpton testified that he was told that the mayor called the assistant chief to get the women arrested.

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In the arrest video, Alson said, “Y’all have three cop cars because I’m feeding cats? It’s unbelievable.”

What’s unbelievable is the harassment and arrest of older women women trying to help cats while rapists and murders are being let out of jail without bail and many aren’t even being prosecuted by woke leftist prosecutors.

While the revolving door of injustice continues, feral cat feeders are enemy number one.