The Democrats have been salivating over the “mileage tax” for a while now. It’s another dream of theirs to make sure they get the money they need and are able to control what we do. They want us to pay a fee to the government per mile according to how much we drive around.

Because they are climate change nuts, they want us to drive less and they think that dinging us with a mileage tax will do the trick and force us all into electric vehicles. This tax is otherwise known as the Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) and they think it’s the answer to replacing the gas tax money when the country is driving more electric vehicles around. But why wait for that? Let’s start the tax now.

According to Michigan News Source, other states are already talking about this grand idea. And with Democrats controlling Michigan in January, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to implement that as soon as they can even though Gov. Whitmer told the Detroit Free Press, “It’s going to require a major policy change. This cannot come from one person.” In other words, people are going to hate it and she doesn’t want to be blamed for it all by herself.

The Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association (MITA) is totally on board with Michiganders paying per mile as they drive down the road and intend on putting pressure on legislators to get the tax pushed through. They want EQUITABILITY, of course. And we’re totally not being equitable to the government.

Lance Binoniemi, VP of Governement Affairs at MITA says, “Gas tax is collected by number of gallons we consume therefore the less we consume the less money collected in revenue.”

That’s just so sad, isn’t it? That the poor government might collect less money from us?

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MITA believes the weight of your vehicle and the number of miles you drive should be related to the fee you are charged. But hey, they are a bit biased since they are a bunch of construction trade association members who will get PAID by the government to do the road work.

In Connecticut, starting January 1st, companies will be paying a mileage fee for their tractor trailers. It’s called a “Highway Use Fee” and it’s for heavy tractor trailers. This idiotic fee was passed by legislators about a year ago – mostly Democrat legislators. And will the out of state drivers going through Connecticut pay the fee? Probably not. One company in Connecticut said it’ll be an extra $150K a year for their 25 trucks.

So as usual, Democrats don’t ever solve problems. They only CREATE problems. They are always working on plans to get more money and impose more rules. It’s who they are.