Los Angeles is recommending that everybody 2 years old and up again wear a mask indoors. Ah, that old scam.

Local government must be feeling blue over the departure of Covid and the attendant loss of power over the everyday life of citizens. Thus, they strike. But it’s California, a Bolshevik laboratory of mismanagement. So, they deserve it. America didn’t. Therein lies our story.

Do you remember the Trump administration before Covid? It rocked. The guy could hardly put a foot wrong.

Economy? Check. National security? Check. Challenged PC? Totally. Sure, he stepped in it at times. But things were going so well only the barking crazy leftists really cared.

They called him a racist. He wasn’t. They called him sexist. Nope. They threw a lot at him and he threw it back in their faces. He fought.

And then, Covid.

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The man who had led for three years suddenly decided to trust public health and the economy to a career bureaucrat who had a history of gaming the system and craving publicity. Donald Trump’s out of character Fauci gambit not only failed, but the collateral damage crippled him in a presidential year. If he had listened to a better doctor and less of an attention whore at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 he’d very possibly still be president today.

Regular readers of this column know I hold no brief for the 45th president. But against any Democrat I can vote for him for the third time, if I have to. His previous ability to command the office is a primary reason. Which is why it is so strange that this man was bullied into shutting down the economy for months by a malevolent troll, liar, and media darling like Fauci.

Was Trump worried his own judgment would bring disaster? Never stopped him before. He dismissed experts left and right and often was proved correct in his actions. So why did he fold on Covid? It baffles me to this day.

And think, without Trump taking Fauci’s counsel the incumbent likely wins reelection as a byproduct of limiting the Covid restrictions to actually affected groups and areas, thus saving the economy from injury.

Probably then there is little successful election weirdness. Ergo, no Trump meltdown. No J6. No hearings. The economy would be soaring higher and higher and Putin would not have dared move into Ukraine. We still would have left Kabul. But with honor.

Granted, we can play “what if” all day. The reality is different. That’s why Los Angeles today could be a precursor to 2024, as the Dems would love another fake health scare to toy with the presidential election.

Look for it in the new year, as the CDC may breathlessly announce a virulent new strain of Covid just in time for the Iowa pregame. Then beware, as Dems will claim democracy is in danger unless their presidential candidate gets to run from a basement. Again.