One of the best parts of having a House majority is the ability to hold hearings, issue subpoenas, and generally stack the deck.

Come soon into 2023 Republicans have promised to hold hearings on the successful blackmail attempt by the left in regards to the 2020 presidential election.

You remember, the basic deal was Antifa and BLM would keep ransacking American cities unless Joe Biden was elected president. Notice how those riots dried up the minute the Dems won in 2020? Exactly.

During their reign of terror Dem-led terrorist organizations, the ironically named Antifa and the racist group Black Lives Matter, killed, looted, and burned their way from coast to coast. Joe Biden took a knee for them. When it came to riots and media event funerals, Covid rules were magically ignored by the people calling for their vicious application. The media called them “peaceful protests” when cities in camera shot were on fire.

And then what did the Dem House hold hearings on? A one day vandalism event by a bunch of populist yahoos and assorted wannabe Robespierres.

Americans dead and cities torched? No big deal. A terrorist knife held at the national jugular? Fine and dandy. But let a guy sit in Nancy Pelosi’s chair and all hell breaks loose.

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I’m not trying to completely minimize what those thuggish cretins did on J6. But it shrinks to miniscule status compared to what Antifa and BLM did for months. Now, there could be a reckoning. Now, it could be time to pay the commie piper.

Commie? How unfashionable, you may say. How Tailgunner Joe. One problem. Many of those in both organizations proudly trumpet their allegiance to communism. While raking in the bucks and the mansions, that is.

Pay the commie piper? Well, not in the coin of the realm they’re used to. This time they get paid with a congressional grilling by the likes of Jim Jordan, an interrogation that will hopefully expose the Dem funding and coordination of the riots and possible logistical aid to the rioters by foreign players.

If I can give suggestions to the upcoming committee, haul up some Dems like Pelosi, AOC, Omar, and Tlaib. Ask them under oath what association or communications they had with anyone involved in the Antifa and BLM riots. Watch them squirm and take the 5th. That’s merely an appetizer.

For the main course haul George Soros before the committee and take apart his organizations and funding apparatus one by one. Draw a direct line between the Dems, the terrorist groups, his cash, and the execution of the riots. Then have more fun and look at the correlation between DAs his organization has put into office, Larry Krasner for one, and skyrocketing urban crime rates. A tad far afield? Sure, congressional investigations are like that.

Will these hearings set the world on fire? Perhaps yes, perhaps not. Granted, they must take a back seat to stopping the Biden agenda. But could they set a stage for the opening shots of the 2024 election cycle? Yup. Could we do to the Dems what they tried to do to us in the J6 hearings? Absolutely. After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the commie gander.