The loss by Herschel Walker in Georgia really came as no surprise. In fact, I predicted it. I told you that if Donald Trump jumped in the race for the 2024 GOP nomination before the run-off there was almost no chance Herschel Walker could win.

I am not happy about it, but I was right. And honestly, there was no reason for Trump to enter the race back in November. He could have waited until now and maybe done it with Senator Elect Herschel Walker on the stage with him.

But when Trump announced his intentions just over 3 weeks ago, it sucked the oxygen out of the room. And whether you like it or not, it energized the people who truly don’t like the former president in Georgia.

And here’s the thing, Walker lost to Raphael Warnock by less than one point, so it’s easy to conceive that if Trump had called for party unity and asked big name GOP Governors like Brian Kemp of Georgia, Ron DeSantis of Florida, and Glenn Youngkin of Virginia to join him to rally for Walker, the race could have turned out differently. It’s not a guarantee but it might have helped.
And let’s be clear, Walker was not a great candidate. He brought plenty of baggage to the race that dragged him down with suburban women, the same ones that really do not like and will never like or vote for Trump or any of his hand-picked candidates.
And you can light up the message board, trashing me and calling me a RINO or a Never Trumper or say I’m not MAGA enough. Go ahead—knock yourselves out—attack the messenger. Try to rip me because I have the guts to tell you the truth.
And the truth right now is that unless President Trump gets his act together, I don’t know if he’ll win the GOP primary—much less the White House—in two years.
I was someone who supported President Trump’s policies every step of the way. I was worn out on occasion by some of his silly comments, but his policies for the most part were the best and most conservative of my lifetime.

He did more for America and more to repel the socialists, bureaucrats, and the enemies of The United States who live here than anyone in my lifetime.

But right now, he is not on the right track and his support is waning in many places he won by huge margins. Again, you can lash out at me, but I am not here to be a fanboy or a cheerleader. I am here to tell you the truth about what is happening now and give a clear-eyed assessment of what comes next.

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I am actually surprised that the Democrats are continuing to go after Trump at this point. I would think they’d drop all the investigations and do everything they could to help him win the GOP nomination in 2024. I mean, they all think they can beat him, no matter who runs.

Now, let me be clear, Donald Trump is not doing himself any favors right now in politics and I am not sure he can right the ship after the inexcusable dinner guests he had recently. That was clearly a set-up—but he should never have been in that position. But again, let me be clear: NEVER bet against Donald Trump. If he is the nominee in 2024, I will vote for him. I mean, I will never vote for a socialist and I will support the guy who always fights for America. But unless things get back on track and soon—I am not sure that is something I will need to worry about.