The left sounds like a pile of smashed cats on the issues surrounding the unethical involvement of the Biden campaign and the White House dictating to Twitter and other social media giants what they could run and what needed to be deleted.
As big as this story once was, it is so much bigger now—and might get even larger. Even with the corporate drive by media doing its best to bury the story, the Hunter Biden laptop is like a B-grade Zombie movie—no matter what the left does to it, the story will not die. We even have some major networks like CBS doing honest work on the story now, so it’s not likely to get any better for the folks in the West Wing.

Now we know why the left became so unhinged at the prospect of Elon Musk buying Twitter. They knew if Musk had access to all the internal files, he would likely uncover the truth about the dirty dealing going on, from the White House to the Biden Campaign before that, and the FBI even before that. We now know the FBI had already planned ahead to bury the story before it even hit the front page of the New York Post.
Thanks to the Twitter files, we now know that your government and intelligence agencies worked on behalf of Joe Biden with the intent of defeating Donald Trump. That was a gross violation of public trust and I’m certain a few laws were broken along the way as well. Not to mention that it clearly had an impact on the outcome of the 2020 Election.

And as the scandal continues to spread—no matter how much those on the left try to dismiss the story and change the subject—honest people know this is a serious situation. The whole release of Twitter files is very problematic for the Democrats, Twitter, the FBI and the Biden team because it means there is a much larger Biden family influence peddling scandal.
Even if MSNBC and The New York Times ignore the political explosion touched off by Elon Musk, members of Congress are not looking the other way at all.
The incoming House Republicans are ready to conduct their investigation into what exactly happened between big tech and the Democrats. Only then will we truly know just how deep this rabbit hole goes.