I will give you a little background on where I have been since we last talked, and I hope you had a fabulous Christmas.

So, since I was here last, I got very ill. It happened early last Tuesday morning; I caught the fabulous stomach flu—or something of that nature—and by Wednesday evening, I was in the hospital. Thankfully the surgery I was threatened with did not happen, and I was released without having to undergo a Christmas bloodletting—so that’s good news.
By the time I got out, the big winter storm was rolling in, and I had a short window to close out any shopping, so Ivey and I headed out into the Arctic blast. Less than ten minutes later, however, an 18-year-old kid ricocheted his Chevy Malibu off the side of our Suburban at about 35 miles per hour. You see, he didn’t have the experience to know that when it’s all ice, 35 miles an hour is way too fast. When I walked up to him in the fierce icy winds, he looked at his car—which did not fare very well against my land yacht—and I thought he would burst into tears. He looked at me, “but I was only going 30 miles an hour,” that’s right, kid. On these roads, you should be going ten. Anyway, I told him I was glad he was ok and to remember this and learn from it. The poor lad did get a ticket, “too fast for conditions,” but that won’t keep the Suburban out of the body shop or keep me from probably paying higher insurance rates.

And so it goes.

Anyway, from there, I discovered the most incredible cakes ever made at a place called Nothing Bundt Cakes, had family and friends over for Christmas Eve, and then enjoyed the greatest Christmas ever—before Ivey’s flight home with her grandparents got canceled yesterday, and I made about three round trips to DTW in Detroit. I was on the freeway for several hours and accomplished nothing.

My point is that we lead hectic lives full of distractions making it hard to focus on what is happening and what really matters as we head into a new year, hoping it is better than the last. This brings me back to where I started, asking you a crucial question.
What if the country you’ve imagined you live in your whole life, you actually don’t, and maybe you never did?

What if the United States was overrun by special interests and political power players shaping this country and the world long before you were born?

Do you support individual military members being able to opt out of getting the COVID vaccine?

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Back-room deals, power plays, and largesse were all being moved around on game boards you’ve never seen and never knew existed. 

What if you are actually less than zero?

You weren’t even a pawn because you never rose to that status. What if, in the grand scheme of things, you truly don’t matter? 

The America you were promised in grade school didn’t exist then, and it sure as hell doesn’t exist now. It seems more apparent with each passing day.

What if we are just little cogs in a giant machine built to serve powers and people far beyond our reach and comprehension, and your purpose is to feed that machine somehow—whether you realize it or not?

I know—pretty depressing—but it is an important question. I mean, it is the same, just phrased differently. 

From where I stand, people like George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and thousands more you have never heard of are yanking your strings and your chain, and there isn’t much to be done about it on most days.

However, when barbarians like Donald Trump or Elon Musk challenge the elitist status quo, the pre-ordained globalist body politic is revulsed, and the power brokers consolidate to eradicate the intruders. If you stand alongside the barbarian usurpers, you could be eradicated. Remember, you will own nothing and be happy—that includes your freedom.

How else do you explain programs like Stellar Wind, which came in the backdraft of 9/11 under the umbrella of the Patriot Act—a move that turned the entire intelligence apparatus of the United States government inward to keep track of each and every one of us?

The social credit score we hear about in China is just as contagious as COVID-19, which is now ravishing that nation with something like 250 million cases in just three weeks. But unlike a pandemic, the virus of political power is far more potent and doesn’t dissipate over time. I would suggest the sickness of power seems to get increasingly worse, and when the Trumps and Elons expose it to sunlight, those behind it, and their propaganda machines, go into overdrive.

The barbarians are labeled “threats to democracy.” You are a danger to your neighbors and the nation if you question the vaccine.

If you refuse to comply, you are a threat, possibly someone who should be Red Flagged for non-compliance and an anti-social disorder. Surely any firearms you have must be taken immediately.

Questioning the local school board can trigger a call to the very politically biased FBI and can even land you on a Domestic Terror watch list or get you banned from flying on commercial aircraft.

Do you think this is just ‘conspiracy theory’ insanity that has run off the tracks?

You know as well as I do that at any moment, with or without cause, the government, in one of its many incarnations, can look at what I am writing on my computer, read my text messages, examine the websites I visit and even create deep fake videos showing me—or anyone else—doing something nefarious that never actually happened.

How far are the power brokers willing to go?
Clearly, they will lie about the mass collection of data, delivered right to sitting members of Congress, who sit there like the neutered sheep they are, doing about it. James Clapper comes to mind.

They will lie on TV about espionage against America that never actually happened—the Steele Dossier comes to mind.

They will claim that they are looking out for you as they confiscate farms in the Netherlands and bulldoze coal-fired power plants here at home. Then they crow about how we need more windmills when power companies leave people to die in the cold and the dark.


Do you think the Nord Stream pipelines blew themselves up? Do you believe Russia destroyed its own infrastructure? There is no logical argument supporting these claims.

I sit here today, however, knowing that we have the power to correct our nation’s path, but we must stay true to ourselves and the promise that we learned about America.

We must stay true to the idea of America and fight against the lies we are fed daily. Spit them out, think for yourself, challenge the status quo, and stand up for what you know is right.

I know this; most Americans still know the difference between right and wrong—and so do you. I am counting on it.