Toxic masculinity has always been a phrase that the Democrats like to use to describe stuff that happens that they don’t like because of men. It’s a way to demonize them.

Democrats think men are harming society because of their maleness and group them all together as being misogynistic and homophobic and completely “toxic” because of their propensity towards violence, bullying and aggression.

But what the Democrats really don’t like is maleness in general. Being strong. Opening doors for women. Being protectors. Owning guns. Going to church to set a good example to their children. Just the “normal” stuff that Democrats are trying to rebrand as abnormal using the phrase “toxic masculinity.”

The Democrats have been trying to erase maleness just like they have been trying to erase woman-ness. So what’s left? I guess you can identify as anything that you want these days…A pickle, a cat, agender, cisgender…

And if there isn’t a name for what you are, submit it to the Democrat Party and they will surely come up with a new word for you.

But whatever you do, please don’t behave like a male.

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American Wire reports that Director James Cameron had a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter about his new Avatar movie “The Way of Water” where he said that testosterone is a “toxin” that men should work out of their systems.

Is that even possible? I suppose you could take some sort of hormone repression drugs.

Cameron, appealing to the woke crowd, told the interviewer that he has changed as he’s gotten older. He’s a new man. OOOPS. A new person.

Or what Democrats might call “people who don’t menstruate.”