The just released fifth installment of the Twitter Files details the contortions Twitter staff had to go through to censor and permanently delete former President Donald Trump.

Bari Weiss did the honors again this time, further discrediting the notion that Twitter was some innocent entity that was unfairly accused of silencing conservatives and censoring certain political content.

We all know now that the censorship was happening, and that several entities were involved in making it happen.

From smaller accounts like mine, to the biggest of them all including Donald Trump, it now appears nobody was safe from the swinging ax of censorship.

Some of the silencing originated from inside Twitter but outsiders played key roles. These included those in the Biden campaign and agents from the FBI who had full and unfettered access to deleting anything they didn’t like. You see, it really had nothing to do with whether the deleted posts were factual or not and everything to do with what kind of political position the person—or organization—held.

Yes, conservatives were shut down and their messages were hidden while the messages of the left-wing globalists were being amplified.

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While the factual story of Hunter Biden and his forgotten laptop was frozen, false stories about Russia helping Donald Trump were amplified. As a result, Twitter, and other social media platforms, many of which were financed by the communist Chinese, had a direct and significant impact on the 2020 election. It’s fair to say they affected the 2022 election as well.
These political operatives were not interested in truth or integrity, only in advancing their own political beliefs to the destruction of all others.

And after the January 6th hyperventilating, demands to permanently ban President Trump reached a fever pitch, according to Bari Weiss.

There were dissenters inside Twitter, like former Chinese citizens that had fled the Communists and censorship. But they were all ultimately ignored in the pursuit of socialist purity and destroying the evil Orange Man in the White House.

The Washington Post and others joined the fight to delete Donald Trump on the morning of January 8th. However, the Twitter staff for the most part concluded again that Trump had not violated any of Twitter’s terms. That was not going to be the end of it. Letting him stay online was unacceptable.

The woke outrage mob, led by Michelle Obama and others, would settle for nothing less than seeing Trump’s tongue cut out! He had to be removed to satisfy the wailing leftists who had lost their minds in pursuit of a total purge of Trump and his supporters.

There was to be no compromise.

Some internal conversations between employees leading up to Trump’s ban compared the American President to the man who massacred dozens in a New Zealand Mosque and—surprise, surprise—Adolf Hitler. Is it really a left-wing meltdown if you don’t compare someone to Hitler?

The conversation was driven in large part by Yoel Roth, Twitter’s now disgraced former head of security, who pushed Jack Dorsey, the former CEO, to give in to the demands and ban the President forever.
The move was not well received by other western leaders, however. Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel both voiced their displeasure. But once it was pushed through by the radicals there was no turning back to the principals of free speech and Democracy that the left is so quick to point to these days.

They sacrificed what little integrity they may have had to send the message that if you violate the terms of the left’s agenda, challenge the orthodoxy, and happen to be Donald Trump, you’re out. That was the real takeaway.

So here is what we have learned so far:

Twitter without cause or evidence banned the Hunter Biden laptop story and falsely labeled it Russian disinformation, created ‘blacklists’ to silence those who deviated from accepted narratives, and went after a sitting American president even though he had not broken any of their rules.

This was the state of Twitter during a critical election in 2020 and probably before. Even after Elon Musk took the reins, he still had to fire people like James Baker, the former FBI lawyer who was still playing political games with the release of information about the censorship policies.

It was all about a handful of narcissistic, self-righteous, and sanctimonious people putting their beliefs above everyone else, to influence online discourse and an election.