The CDC has been a joke from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic with their lockdowns and mask mandates and school closures and the BS they tried to push about vaccines and going after therapies that were helping people to live.

Little by little, their BS has been exposed to be just that – a pile of donkey dung. Every decision they made (and continue to make) has to do with fear and/or politics, not science or facts.

Some of us saw that from the beginning and lived our lives as normally as possible although admittedly that was almost impossible at times as they closed down our schools and restaurants and forced us to get vaccines or lose our jobs.

Many of us yelled from the rooftops that lockdowns and masks and keeping kids out of schools was going to be a bad thing for everyone’s immunity and it looks like that is the case.

So it’s not just COVID-19 going around, it’s the flu and RSV. I went downstate for an early Christmas and had many of my plans changed because five of the people I were going to visit were sick. And now, apparently, there is an outbreak of Strep A.

But guess what? The Daily Mail reports that the CDC is actually admitting that everything is probably tied to the lockdowns. Gee… who could have possibly predicted that?? Hm… maybe someone who actually has a science or medical degree, perhaps? Or has a working knowledge of history. Or Google.

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So it seems, at this point, people would be better served to do their own research, look at their own personal circumstances, talk to their own doctor and decide what is best for them and what risks they are comfortable taking – and leave the government OUT of any of their health care decisions.