It’s not easy to choose the Biden employee who in 2022 best typified the serial incompetence, ostentatiously perv attitudes, and general lack of gray matter so prevalent amongst thousands of executive branch personnel.

But because of our superior analytical capabilities, honed by decades of whiskey abuse, we have narrowed it down to an honorable mention, a runner up, and Employee of the Year.

Honorable mention: Richard Levine. Better known in delusional circles as Rachel, this is one shmale who has a tendency towards Third Reich pronouncements on medical and scientific issues. Her recent position that the debate is over, of course she declared herself victorious, on the benefits of gender reassignment surgery is a case in point. Plus, Richard needs a makeover.

C’mon, if you’re gonna join the other team make an effort to vaguely resemble their look. At least Caitlin Jenner kinda looks female if you ignore the hands and whatnot. However Levine looks like an aging drag queen on a low rent cruise ship cabaret. And in his little navy outfit? Only our fraternal pity per the Navy’s recent loss in the game prevents us from running with this joke.

Runner up: Sam Brinton. What more could you ask for as a representative of the Biden administration? A bald guy with a mustache who wears the clothes of a 1980s debutante, has the makeup job of a Belle Epoque whore, and who prances about wildly on social media while administering a highly sensitive nuclear program could scale the heights needed for this prestigious honor. Throw in the recent arrest for luggage pilfering and the thing seems sewn shut.

But there is a technicality. Brinton, while in his post the majority of the year, is no longer employed by the Biden administration. Also, he can put a coherent sentence together. Hence, runner up. What we’re searching for in the top slot is a total idiot, a monument to woke stupidity. The quest inevitably led us to…

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Employee of the Year: Karine Jean-Pierre. Don’t take our word for it. This from the Heritage Foundation, “On Dec. 13, Jean-Pierre touted ‘bicarmel’ support in Congress for the so-called Respect for Marriage Act. ‘Bicarmel, bipartisan support was had for this piece of legislation,’ she said. But this was no one-off slip of the tongue: She used the term ‘bicarmel’ three times to describe it in the course of the half-hour press briefing.” She meant “bicameral.” Unless there is some oblique legislation we have overlooked that splits the CA town into two pieces.

“On Nov. 28, in congratulating three Americans who had won Nobel Prizes in chemistry, physics, and economics, she mispronounced ‘Nobel’ five times in 40 seconds as ‘noble.’ Two months to the day earlier, on Sept. 28, Jean-Pierre said that as part of Harris’ then-pending trip to South Korea, the veep would visit the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas. Jean-Pierre helpfully noted that it had been ‘nearly 70 years since the Korean ‘armtis’—presumably not to be confused with the Korean armistice.”

Combine that lack of cognitive ability, in a press secretary no less, with the PC trifecta of an immigrant black lesbian and we have a winner. She is truly a perfect epitome of the mental proficiency and demographic profile of the hapless Biden administration. Happy New Year!