By now, you have all realized that Democrats can’t win an argument. Therefore their go-to positions are lying, cheating, censoring their opponents and changing the rules of the game.

One way they change the rules and censor us is by changing the language. Illegal aliens have become migrants and immigrants.

A woman is now a man.

Abortion is “Pro-Choice.”

A vaccine isn’t a vaccine anymore.

And now, Stanford University is getting into the game. They’ve come out with a list of offensive words which includes the word “American.”

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The Stanford Review, an independent newspaper, reports on the Stanford IT department’s “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative” that was created by the Stanford CIO Council (CIOC) and People of Color in Technology (POC-IT). They’ve been diligently working on a list of “harmful items” and have even suggested alternatives to us evil fools who are biased and don’t use the language right.

Originally, the document was hidden from public view after it got a little too much attention but the Stanford Review has it available here.

The beginning paragraph says, “The Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative (EHLI) is a multi-year project to address harmful language in IT at Stanford. EHLI is one of the actions prioritized in the Statement of Solidarity and Commitment to Action.”

They state that their goal is to eliminate many forms of harmful language “including racist, violent and biased (e.g. disability bias, ethnic bias, ethnic slurs, gender bias, implicit bias, sexual bias) language in Stanford’s websites and code.” They also want to educate people about the impact of the words we all use.

Their harmful words and phrases include but are not limited to…

Basket Case, Blind Study, Crazy, Mentally Ill, Paraplegic, Senile (they suggest we call Biden a “person suffering from senility”), Brave, Bury the Hatchet, Chief, Dumb, Low Man on the Totem Pole, On the Warpath, Tribe, Balls to the Wall, Chairman, Chairwoman, Freshman, Gentlemen, Guys, He or She, Ladies, Mailman, Abort, American (use U.S. citizen), Child Prostitute, Hispanic, Karen, Oriental, Straight, Stupid, Black Hat, Brown Bag, Ghetto, Grandfathered, Master List, Slave Labor, Uppity, White Paper, Convict, Disabled Person, Homeless Person, Prisoner, Prostitute, Crack the Whip, Killing Two Birds With One Stone, Rule of Thump, War Room, African-American, Circle the Wagons, and Normal Person.

To the idiot moron Senile people at Stanford, I say to all of those He’s and She’s:

You are all Stupid and Crazy. You define the phrase “Basket Case.” You are sufficiently Mentally Ill enough that you need professional help. You appear to be on the Warpath to win a victory over the American people and their freedom of speech. You consist of a bunch of intolerant Karens who want to control people and Abort everyday terms and phrases that no one is going to stop using just because you have decided to Circle the Wagons and come up with a Master List of Dumb rules.