I can think of almost nothing better than shutting down the government. Maybe chocolate. Or bacon. Or toast. I love toast. But I digress…

But, of course, Mitchie McConnell, the RINOS, and the Democrats (otherwise known as tax money thieves) won’t possibly allow THAT to happen. They need our money to fund all of their schemes and the Republicans don’t want to look bad by letting the Democrats and their media friends have headlines screaming, “Republicans Shut Down the Government – Killing Old People and Dogs, Minorities Hardest Hit.”

So what they have going on right now, according to Fox News, is a deal to keep the government going through December 23rd while they make more deals with each other about how much of our money they can use for different things in the future like tree equity, a study on which birds have the most black feathers, or a promotional tour for the Alabama Watermelon Queen.

Nine Republicans in the House signed on to the short-term deal. And it’s not a budget, it’s a CR (Continuing Resolution) because they don’t do budgets anymore.

Ultimately, the House of Non-Representatives will figure out how they will divvy up the $1.7 trillion dollar pie. Then their evil plans will move on to the Senate and President Disaster’s desk after that. The Democrats, of course, want to make the final deal before the Republicans take over the House the first of the year. That way, Christmas will truly be a holiday to celebrate.

So don’t be surprised if the government is fully funded in a bi-partisan deal (or close to it) by the end of the year while the Dems are still in control of the House.

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Mitch McConnell wouldn’t have it any other way.