If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you might have noticed several stories having to do with leftists who want to discriminate against Christians. They whine and cry (and sue) if you even look sideways at a transgender while they are, at the same time, openly bigoted against Christians.

Actor-writer-producer and evangelist, Kirk Cameron, recently wrote a book called “As You Grow,” a faith- based kids book, that according to Cameron “teaches biblical wisdom and the value of producing the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self control.”

Those are all themes that leftist are definitely not comfortable with and even more so if they come in the form of Christian teachings.

Cameron would like to share his book in person with children but publicly funded libraries (who have drag queen reading hours) have decided that Cameron is a threat to them and their communities and are taking a pass on allowing Cameron to visit for a story hour.

Cameron’s publisher, Brave Books, told Fox News Digital that over 50 libraries have refused to let Cameron do a story hour at their libraries. And they are not hiding their Christian hate and discrimination either. The Rochambeau Public Library in Rhode Island said, “We are a very queer-friendly library. Our messaging does not align.”

Looks like it’s also getting harder for Christians to eat in public too. The conservative Christian group, Family Foundation of Virginia, had recently reserved a private space at Metzger Bar and Butchery in Virginia which is owned by TV chef Brittany Anderson of “Top Chef” and “Chopped.” But, alas, their reservation was cancelled by the owner at the last minute, about two hours before the group was supposed to meet at the restaurant. The restaurant told the group their presence would make the staff “uncomfortable” and “unsafe.”

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I could say the same thing every time I’m around a group of Democrats.

The bar released a statement on Instagram that said they have always prided themselves on their “inclusive environment” (obviously NOT very inclusive) for people to dine in. They said they refused service because they found out the group that had booked the space seeks to “deprive women and LGBTQ+ persons of their basic human rights in Virginia.” They also said they strive to “create a work environment where they can do their jobs with dignity, comfort and safety.”

So, like I said, leftists are no longer afraid to publicly state their discrimination. In fact, they don’t even appear to be threatened by any sort of lawsuit against them.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has taken up a religious discrimination case concerning a Colorado Christian graphic designer who refuses to create websites for same-sex weddings because they are “inconsistent with her religious beliefs.” The court heard oral arguments in the case on Monday for more than two hours. The opposition cites their laws that forbid businesses from discriminating based on sexual orientation. Reports say that the decision in the case should be handed down in June of 2023.

At risk right now are our religious and free speech rights as leftists across the country defy the Constitution by coming up with made-up rights for their LGBTQ+ voting base.