Do you know who Sam Brinton is? Think Max Klinger, with less body hair. The lad is also a high official in the Biden administration DOE, dresses like a 1980s debutante, and has the demeanor of a little girl at her 4th birthday party. He’s cross dressing for attention, play acting for national embarrassment.

The best part? Mr. Brinton is responsible for sensitive matters regarding nuclear energy. Oh good. To add to the fun, Sam was recently arrested for stealing luggage at an airport luggage carousel. He first denied the allegation, then said he thought the clothes inside the bag were his own. One hopes the bras and panties were of appropriate size.

The reason we detail this is that this guy is regarded as a normal everyday member of the Biden administration. Ho hum. Nothing to see here. You see, the left has normalized the absurd.

The twisted, sick, and perverse have been lauded to the point of apotheosis. As a private individual Brinton can live any way he desires as long as he doesn’t injure others. But as a representative of the United States government the image he displays to the world is injurious to the national interest. His obviously unstable lifestyle and kleptomaniacal tendencies also do not bode well for the safe and efficient execution of his administration duties.

How does the rest of the world see this? A senile president, an airhead veep, and various she-males running around the West Wing do not inspire scads of confidence in American international power amongst the likes of the Chinese, Russians, and Iranians. This is what the left has intended.

By striking at the vitals of the family and traditional values, by normalizing the over the top odd, by starting this campaign in elementary schools, the left has made men like Sam Brinton shining examples of modern American manhood. It wasn’t always so.

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The aforementioned 70s era M*A*S*H character Max Klinger was a joke complete with a laugh track. The later 70s film Life of Brian made fun of a male character who wanted “the right” to have a baby. This prompted the brilliant John Cleese retort, “Where’s it going to gestate, in a box?” Sadly these are jokes no more but the real life attitudes of one of the two major political parties in America.

What can we do? Take a page from the leftist playbook and fight back in the trenches, places like school boards, entertainment, and the arts. It all comes down to the culture. Politics is downstream from that. We have to fight them at the points of their their initial probing attacks on traditional America.

Republican Glenn Youngkin got it right when he focused on lifestyle and culture issues in his run for governor of Virginia in 2021. He won because there is a non-perv consensus out there just waiting to coalesce. If only more conservatives and Republicans would aggressively embrace it they would win a lot more close races.