Do you believe in coincidence? No, me neither.

Hours before FTX founder and cryptocurrency (alleged) fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried was set to testify in front of Congress on Tuesday, he was conveniently arrested by Bahamian authorities at the request of the United States.

Gee… nothing to see here folks, right?

Instead of publicly going on record and having us find out some things about what he was up to, he was arrested instead. It’s a bit odd that the prosecutors wouldn’t want him to testify under oath in front of Congress so that they could use his words in court later.

Hm…But no, it was IMPERATIVE that they arrest him RIGHT AWAY – before he was scheduled to appear before Congress in a virtual hearing.

What are the chances that Bankman-Fried will lawyer up and then, in the dark of night, when no one is paying attention, be offered some kind of grandiose deal so we’ll never find out the full extent of his crimes – or his involvement in Democrat politics?

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I would say that those chances are probably around 100%.

Just the News reports that Bahamian Prime Minister Philip Davis said of Bankman-Fried’s arrest, “The Bahamas and the United States have a shared interest in holding accountable all individuals associated with FTX who may have betrayed the public trust and broken the law. While the United States is pursuing criminal charges against SBF individually, The Bahamas will continue its own regulatory and criminal investigations into the collapse of FTX, with the continued cooperation of its law enforcement and regulatory partners in the United States and elsewhere.”

I think our chances of Bankman-Fried being legitimately and thoroughly investigated anywhere is slim to none. Everyone seems to have had their hand in the pot of gold and they don’t want to be exposed for doing so. So what appears to be the game being played now is one big CYA for all of those involved.

Likely, the only way we’ll see a REAL investigation is if the guy gave money to Donald Trump or donated some to a January 6th legal fund for the insurrectionists.

I feel bad for Sam though, I really do. Just the News reported that the Bahamas judge denied releasing him on cash bail even though he “cited his vegan diet and an ADD diagnosis as justification.”

But the judge wasn’t buying it. Sam is a threat to society. He must stay in the clink. It’s not like Sam is a NYC minority who got arrested for assaulting someone and should be released back on the streets for goodness sake.

So the poor guy might have to eat stay in the Bahamas a little while and eat butter on his toast or an egg. What horror.