The unprecedented partisan political attacks continued, very predictably, against former President Donald Trump on Monday.

The January 6th Commission recommended that the Department of Justice investigate the former President. The referral, however, is not mandatory—and the DOJ doesn’t have to do anything with the findings. But with how the government has been weaponized against Republicans and the former President, I won’t be surprised by anything AG Merrick Garland does at this point.

I won’t be surprised, especially now that the truth about the FBI’s deep involvement with censoring Trump and its extensive involvement in silencing scores of conservatives has come out. Let’s not forget their burying of the Hunter Biden laptop story—a laptop computer containing evidence that the current President Joe Biden was deeply involved in pay-to-play schemes and influence peddling during his time as Vice President and maybe even now.

And we know all of this has been happening for years because Elon Musk continues to let the Twitter files unveil the unsavory and possibly illegal alliance between Democrats, Big Tech, and what used to be called the premier law enforcement agency in the world—the now-discredited FBI. More on that later.

But let’s start with this.
On January 6, before anyone entered the capitol, Donald Trump addressed his supporters, exhorting them to “peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard.”
So that is the pivotal portion of President Trump’s speech to supporters several blocks from the White House on January 6th. Does that sound like a call to arms? Does that sound like someone leading an insurrection against the United States government?

And remember, it was an unarmed insurrection—and I am referring to firearms—except for the handful confiscated away from the Capital that had been left in people’s cars and trucks.

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But none of that matters to the insiders on The Hill. They want Trump at all costs. They want him tarred, feathered, and dragged through the streets. They want him permanently removed from future conversations about being re-elected President of the United States.

The Cheney family has been the tip of the spear—and remember, for the first time, an entire committee was chosen by the Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and she rejected the GOP members of Congress put forth by the Republican leadership. This was a partisan witch hunt from day one. But you may say, “hey Steve, there were Republicans on the committee, weren’t there?” Oh yeah, how could I forget the great GOP stalwarts Liz Cheney and Cryin’ Adam Kinzinger, two of only ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump without any witnesses, testimony, or evidence? This is how Democrats do things when they have unchecked power.

The man at the center of the firestorm on January 6th, and the man targeted for much of the MAGA hatred, former Vice President Mike Pence, says, however, it is time to move forward in this country and stop looking back.

But the Democrats have invested eighteen months and piles of taxpayer dollars into an investigation that nobody cares about. Even Democrats aren’t paying attention to all the noise. But they have to come up with something. I mean, they have been saying the walls are closing in on Trump for as long as Trump has been in politics—so really, they have to do something—but they are going out with a whimper.
Remember this:
-The FBI interfered in the 2016 Election
-The FBI interfered in Trump’s entire Presidency
-The FBI interfered in the 2020 election
-The FBI interfered in the 2022 election
So, where the hell is the GOP opposition?