It seems like all anyone’s talked about for the last several days has been Elon Musk and the Twitter documents. Unless, of course, you’re in the drive by media. They think that if they ignore him long enough, Elon Musk will just go away, and their entire Twitter nightmare will come to an end.

But I have bad news for the Ostrich crowd—sticking your head in the sand will not un-ring the bell.

The FBI, the Biden team both before and after the election, the people working inside of Twitter, and yes, even the good people at Facebook have been caught. They have been outed for their dirty dealing and censorship of conservatives at every turn.

And now that Twitter is back in the hands of the Free Speech crowd it really appears things might change. Now, I am not bold enough yet to say things will change, but it does feel different right now. I am hopeful that ending the leftist monopoly on information and social media platforms will create a new surge in curiosity—a new age of people actually asking questions and challenging the accepted narrative.
Maybe it will even rub off on our kids and grandkids—maybe the twinkle will return to their eyes, too. They might start asking a few questions. But that could be a bit too optimistic.
One of the bright spots I pointed out from the first big dump of Twitter files was Democrat Congressman Ro Khanna, who challenged his Twitter pals while they were censoring the Hunter Biden story for the FBI and the Biden camp and told them they were out of bounds, that censorship had no place in America.
So far, Congressman Khanna is the ONLY Democrat to voice any disapproval of using dirty—possibly illegal—tricks to push Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump on Election Day, but it’s a start. I have to say that.
And the Congressman says it’s time to have honest answers about just who was involved in the collusion, no matter how high it goes.
If we do have an investigation, one of the first people that should maybe be in jail is, of course, Hunter Biden himself. I mean, by just about any metric he has committed a series of felonies that would have put you or me behind bars.

There is a lot to be hopeful about as we go forward. It looks like real Free Speech may be on its way back in this country. And to think we have a computer repairman and a crackhead to thank for it.