Former President Donald Trump barely gets mentioned on social media anymore, but boy oh boy, Musk is the target pretty much constantly. And don’t expect that to change anytime soon—if ever.
You see, Musk must be destroyed at all costs according to the socialist point of view. This guy keeps exposing the Globalist Cabal that oversaw the censoring of the comments, commentary, and conservative thoughts of millions of Americans. Meanwhile, former Twitter employees continue to deny that they were targeting Americans who did not have the right political opinions.
But Elon Musk continues to expose them for the world to see. He is plowing through the falsehoods, the gaslighting, and the blatant lies to set the record straight and confirm what we all knew was happening.

And for his efforts to rid the world of censorship and defend Free Speech, Musk was labeled an enemy of the people by the leftist zealots.

It continued this weekend too, with Musk stirring the pot and poking fun at the leftists whenever he felt like it.

At one point, he Tweeted that his pronouns are ‘Prosecute/Fauci,’ and it generated just the kind of responses you would anticipate, with leftists like the long-ago discredited Keith Olbermann calling for Musk to be run out of town and suspended from controlling Twitter. Others called for him to be arrested—for what I cannot quite figure out. Perhaps for speaking his mind and allowing others to do the same, which is clearly criminal activity in the minds of socialist tyrants who demand just one train of thought.
At another point, the former CEO of Twitter—that very odd recluse Jack Dorsey—tried to fact check the man who paid $44 Billion dollars for Twitter. I mean, he should realize that Musk has the receipts now for all the games Twitter was playing. But he’s either too stupid to know that or forgot that he doesn’t run Twitter anymore because he went ahead and took a swipe at Musk. And it really didn’t go too well for ol’ Jack.

Musk called out the former Twitter security team, saying, “it’s a crime that they refused to take action on child exploitation for years.”
Dorsey Tweeted back: “This is False.”
Well, that was the greenlight for Musk to unload. And unload he did, brining all his newly acquired insider information to bear.
“No, it is not.” He began, adding: “When Ella Irwin, who now runs Trust and Safety, Joined Twitter earlier this year, almost no one was working on child safety. She raised this with Ned and Parag, but they rejected her staffing request. I made it a top priority immediately.”
And with that, Musk neutered Dorsey and I am pretty sure he’s back in hiding.

Another dump of Twitter Files fingered Michelle Obama as one of the outspoken about censoring former President Donald Trump. This latest dump, written by Bari Weiss, the former New York Times writer, revealed that Twitter staff were desperately searching for an excuse to de-platform Trump, which they eventually did—but on very weak reasoning.
In another good old-fashioned F-You to the left, Musk fanboyed over Arizona Senator Kirsten Sinema for dumping the Democrat Party and becoming an independent. As you can imagine, that also lit fireworks off all over the internet. Of course, Sinema is already a favorite target of the so-called ‘inclusive left’ because she has the nerve to have opinions that do not line up with Bernie Sanders—who is also an independent. But he is apparently ok, and she is wicked and evil.

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Some of you may be concerned for Elon after he released all this information on powerful lefties. But don’t worry about him joining the ranks of Seth Rich and Jeffrey Epstein. The last time I looked, he was wishing everyone a happy Sunday and seems to be enjoying his new $44 billion dollar toy. Musk must have fun knowing that with just a few keystrokes he can send the left into total cardiac arrest.