In a press release from the Executive Office of the Governor concerning a grant being awarded to rebuild a road to support Our Next Energy’s (ONE) expansion, Whitmer says that the “$3.5 million grant is funded through the Transportation Economonic Development Fund.”

I reached out to Whitmer’s press office for a definition of this new term – or an explanation of how this error could be made in today’s world of spell-checking and autocorrect but the office did not respond to me by press time. Bummer.

I think it’s fair to say that the misspelling of the word “economic” is not very surprising considering the fact that Gov. Whitmer seems to be void of understanding the economy in general.

We can start by looking at Big Gretch’s track record and pointing out her crazy ideas of what businesses are essential. We can also look to her insane lockdown of Michigan during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. I think that 2020 pretty much disqualifies her from having any kind of understanding of the economy (or support of it) right off the bat.

In addition to that, Whitmer is happily going along with the leftist plot to destroy capitalism and the free market system with their global warming climate change green energy get-rid-of-fossil fuel insanity. In order to get their way, they will need to fund all of it with our tax dollars because the public isn’t interested in any of it.

And it will take a LOT of our tax money to do it. One Next Energy isn’t just getting a road. They have already gotten about $200 million in a previous grant from the Governor as well as about $36 million in loans and tax exemptions.

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So to push their green energy dreams, Democrats write green energy legislation up the wazoo and give out grant after grant after grant to battery companies and electric vehicles and EV charging stations, and blah, blah, blah…

But an economy isn’t built by forcing a chosen industry that NOBODY WANTS on the American people. An economy isn’t built by handing out free money (OUR money) to an unwanted and unsustainable enterprise.

Nevertheless, the Democrats will continue their green energy scam and continue to hand out money to their friends and donors and voters.

It will go on until they are stopped. Or until we are. Because someday soon we WILL be stopped. We won’t be able to go anywhere without a skateboard or a horse.