If you are a Michigander (or live anywhere in the midwest), you are definitely hoping for some global warming soon. That sounds much better than Snowmageddon or the Winter Bomb Cyclone or whatever the Weather Channel is naming this week’s version of… wait for it…WINTER.

Okay, I had to check…The Weather Channel says this week’s winter weather is called “Winter Storm Elliott.”

Well, that doesn’t sound very threatening. Elliott? Seriously? We need something a little more manly than that – like Derek or Ace or Gunner or Rocky.

Because there IS a lot of wind predicted and blizzard-like conditions, we should definitely have a more manly name for what is coming.

Yes, folks, it does indeed snow every winter in the midwest. It’s a natural occurrence and unlike in the days of “Little House on the Prairie”, we actually have plenty of warming that it’s coming.

That means you don’t HAVE to fly or drive around this Christmas. I know, your Christmas might suck if you don’t. But it might suck if you do too. You have a choice.

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It also means that you can plan ahead – fill up the gas tank, get a generator, find the flashlights and battery-powered radio, gather up the blankets and stock up on some food, marijuana and beer.

So while the leftists of the world try to destroy capitalism and rule the world through their Climate Change agenda, reality is coming in the form of millions of snowflakes into the United States – because the climate is ALWAYS changing…

It’s called weather.