In a move to show up President Biden, Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom, who is obviously going to run for president, made an appearance at the California-Mexico border on Tuesday.

He told everyone that “the system is about to break in California” but when Democrats talk about a border crisis or a breaking system, they are not talking about the actual invasion. They’re talking about not having enough food and beds and transportation and paperwork processors. The crisis is their response to help the illegals, not the fact that we’re being invaded.

The Democrats don’t talk about the stolen jobs. Or the stress on our schools, hospitals and infrastructure. Or the fentanyl crisis. Or the sex trafficking. Or the Mexican cartels. Or the crimes committed by the young men entering our country illegally.

Newsom visited a resource center that includes doing testing and vaccination and also visited a shelter for the illegal aliens.

He laughably said, “On Day One of his administration, President Biden put forward a comprehensive plan focused on securing our border, ensuring Dreamers have a permanent home in our country, and helping businesses address their needs for more workers.”

Some plan.

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Newsom continued to ignore the crisis at hand while he was at the border and went after the Republicans for not helping the illegal aliens and the Democrat future voting plan enough. He said, “Instead of working on real reform, the response from Republicans has been to exploit the situation at our border for political gain. California has invested roughly $1 billion over the past three years to support the health and safety of migrants as well as the surrounding border communities, but we cannot continue to do this work alone. It is long past time for Republicans in Congress to engage on real solutions to meet the public safety, public health and humanitarian issues at our border and in our immigration system.”

It’s not about border security with the Democrats. It’s making sure the illegal aliens are as comfy as possible – fat and happy with all the freebies that the Democrats can come up with while they wait to get amnesty and become Democrat voters.