I have been telling people for years that the Freedom of Speech is under assault in America, with the attacks getting worse in recent decades.
People would regularly dismiss what I had to say on the matter. My liberal friends would snicker and roll their eyes. But today I have the proof that everything I thought, and more, had been and still is going on.
When James Clapper, then Director of National Intelligence, lied to Congress about the intentional government surveillance of pretty much every single American, you knew it was happening, and with each passing year we find out just how deep the surveillance of us all goes.

At this point it is pretty much undeniable—and that is the way it seems to go when something starts to leak out. People act shocked and say, ‘I just cannot believe that is happening!’ Well, you had better believe it because it’s happening right now and has been for a long time!

The truth is—the deck has been stacked against the Republicans, Conservatives, and regular Americans for a very long while. At one time, it was the New York Times and the Washington Post holding sway and controlling the conversation. Now Big Tech is taking their place, led by social media companies who grow more and more aggressive about silencing anyone who dares dissent from the orthodoxy of Progressive talking points.

Yes, we have been playing a game where everything is rigged and almost nothing has been left to chance.
We know because the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, who apparently doesn’t feel that he is on the leash of Klaus Schwaub or George Soros, had the audacity to buy Twitter for $44 Billion dollars and tear off the veneer. Then he dug deeper—he found more and kept looking. Then on Friday, he gave the story to Substack writer Matt Taibbi to disseminate to the world, and we finally substantiated what millions of us already knew: social media was in the tank for the Democrats and the Progressive Agenda.
But we also found out this rigged card game went much deeper. We found out that the presidential campaign of Joe Biden was in touch with Twitter, sometimes several times a day, to dictate what should be removed from the platform.

When people cried foul and objected, they were quickly labeled conspiracy theorists and nut jobs.
But today we know, because we have the emails, the correspondence, and the evidence, to prove that the conspiracy to impact the 2020 election was not just the Democrats and Joe Biden working with Twitter and Facebook to control what you were allowed to see, hear, and read. It was also the FBI and other agencies of the United States Government working diligently for one political party in an effort to beat another.

It all began to unravel in late 2020, not long before the Presidential Election. At the time, all interested parties thought they had committed the perfect crime—BUT Elon Musk getting ahold of Twitter’s internal documents turned this cold case into a hot mess for the left.

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Miranda Divine, the lead writer on the Hunter Biden story for the New York Post, says that the FBI, The Biden Campaign, top level Democrats, and others made damn sure the story would get silenced—and anyone promoting it smeared.

And don’t think for a second this ended with Twitter—they were just the beginning. I can tell you as we go forward with a Republican House majority, we are going to learn a lot more about just how much control the intelligence agencies, in coordination with Democrats and their Social Media pals, had in twisting the narrative—burying stories they didn’t like while amplifying ones they did. Even stories they knew were patently false—like the attacks on President Trump using the discredited Steele Dossier and the false Russian interference line.

Another whistle blower has stepped forward to reveal that the FBI was working weekly and sometimes daily with Facebook to control the narrative about Hunter Biden’s laptop and a host of other issues—this comes from a deposition taken from FBI Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan.
Chan, according to his sworn testimony, was originally one of two agents assigned to warn Facebook of potential Russian interference in the 2020 race. Over time, he watched as the FBI became ever more involved in crafting the narrative in favor the Democrats, Progressives and Socialists.
The revelations came from a lawsuit filed by Missouri and Louisiana against the Biden Administration for censoring free speech under the guise of misinformation.
The Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt—who is now a Senator Elect—says it’s clear that the Democrats and others went from contacting Facebook every few weeks—to “working to censor freedom of speech.”

Elon Musk, meanwhile, says he is ready to continue revealing the dirty nature of what has been happening behind the curtain at Twitter. This has a whole host of people on all sides paying attention—some are cheering while others are scared the jig is up. That is why so many on the left are fighting hard to put the Musk Genie back in the bottle—but it’s far too late for that. It seems once you know the deck is stacked, the whole game changes.

In fact, some former Twitter staff now admit they did exactly what we have been accusing them of doing for years—BUT they were doing it for good reasons, of course.
At least that is the claim.
And honestly, should any of us be surprised at all?
Joe Biden lied to America and the world about Hunter’s laptop and continued to lie about Trump’s Russian collusion when there was absolutely none.
Now comes the rationalizing from those that have been caught dealing dirty from the bottom of the deck.