You have to hand it to Democrats. They are completely un-shameful. They lie, they cheat, they commit crimes… and in the end, even when they are caught, they tell us we are misunderstanding things. If that doesn’t work, they just outright lie.

But why not? They don’t seem to be called to the carpet on anything and rarely go to jail for any of their crimes. They protect each other and move ahead to the next scheme.

We’re currently on round four of Elon Musks’ released Twitter files – the release of communications show just how much Twitter was censoring people and comments to help out the Democrats.

They were censoring things that had to do with COVID-19, Trump, Republicans, Hunter Biden, the election and anything that was oppositional to the Democrat party and their messaging. And Elon Musk is also releasing information on the government’s collusion with them. And whistleblowers and lawsuits are also exposing the truth.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration continues to lie about it.

Their new line of defense seems to be that Twitter, Facebook and the like are all private companies and can do what they want.

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No, no, no, they say. The government never forced them to do anything.

So WHAT if governmental agencies were in meetings with social media companies and planned more meetings in the future. That doesn’t mean ANYTHING. Facebook and Twitter can do what they want.

The New York Post reports that the White House laughably said recently that they were “not involved” with Twitter’s censorship involving ex-FBI attorney Jim Baker. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, “It’s up to private companies to make these types of decisions. We were not involved.”

Right, Karine. Sorry, but NO ONE believes you. NO ONE.

Maybe she forgot that ex-Press Secretary Jen Psaki had said about a year ago that the Biden administration WAS “flagging” alleged misinformation to Facebook. They were working with media companies on what they considered to be misinformation, disinformation and malinformation.

Direct quote from Psaki: “We’re tagging problematic posts with Facebook…” She also talked about tracking us. How lovely.

Over the weekend, NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby, (another paid liar/Biden media person) parroted the Jean-Pierre BS of how the social media platforms are the ones in control of what they’re doing and the hands of the government are totally clean.

Kirby was on Fox News Sunday and Fox News’ anchor Shannon Bream asked, “So a couple weeks ago, you had a conversation with my colleague Martha McCallum. It was in the context of Apple and what it’s doing in China. You said this: We aren’t In the business of telling private companies how to execute their initiatives.”

She pressed him on the new revelations coming out from Twitter about meetings with Twitter executives and the FBI, DHS and DNI. She asked if the federal government should be directing private companies on how to execute their initiatives.

To which Kirby lied and said, “We aren’t directing private private social media companies on how to manage their content. These are decisions that they have to make, as appropriate.”


He should have picked his words more carefully. When he’s under oath, he better pick his words more carefully. He should say, “We did not FORCE…” instead of “we aren’t directing…”

Maybe then he won’t be lying under oath. Or maybe he still WILL be lying. Who knows with those people. Their means of persuasion seem to be threats or bribery – or both. However, with the leftists (until now) controlling the social media space, they don’t really have to be threatened or bribed all that much. They are happy to help the Democrat politicians.

I guess the Biden administration thinks that we’ll forget about them trying to form OFFICIAL governmental censorship committees every day, one of them being Homeland Security’s “Disinformation Governance Board.” The very fact that they came up with such a thing is TOTALLY AGAINST THE FIRST AMENDMENT.

Geez, Louise. These people are tyrannical and don’t care who knows it.

Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley pointed out that a whistleblower came to him in June with documents about the Disinformation Governance Board and the suppression of freedom of speech that the Biden administration was working on, which included a possible partnership with Twitter and a “Rumor Control Program” and plans to meet with Facebook.

The Democrats will push and push and get away with everything they can – until they can’t.

WE must be alert and consistent and unwavering in our pushback against the tyranny of the left with the same vigilance and adherence in our fight to keep our freedoms as they are to destroy them.