Between the Democrats aborting their babies and letting illegal aliens into the country unchecked, the “American” is a shrinking endangered species.

Due to the Democrats importing illegal aliens for votes, Americans are no longer the ones populating their own country. Sounds pretty ridiculous, I know, but that is exactly what is happening. And soon, maybe not in your lifetime, but soon enough…America will be a socialist, third-world country, far from what it is now or what it was 20 years ago or even at the birth of the country.

Breitbart News reports that the pace of illegal aliens invading our country, especially with the invasion going on steroids after Title 42 gets dropped soon, is going to be bringing in more than one extra illegal aliens for every American birth in the United States.

That’s the very definition of the Great Replacement Theory which has been defined as a plot designed to undermine or “replace” the political power and culture of the people currently living in Western countries.

What once was ridiculed by the left now seems to be the Democrat strategy for their political survival and unlimited power. This plan was exposed by Tucker Carlson during one of his shows in a segment called “Nothing About What’s Happening is an Accident.” He said the border policy is designed to “change the racial mix of the country.” He said it was called the “great replacement” and involved the replacement of legacy Americans with more obedient people from faraway countries.

While the Democrats are busy replacing the population with compliant foreign voters, what are the RINOS usually up to? They’re in secret talks with the Democrats about amnesty, trying to forge a deal which is full of lies on the Democrat side and will never do a simple thing to increase border security.

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You might be asking yourself why the leftist networks like CNN are actually at the border reporting on what’s going on right now but that’s an easy one. They think that they can get the RINOS to make an immigration reform deal if The White House extends Title 42. Leftists are NOT hard to figure out at all.

R.J. Hauman, head of government relations and communications at the Federation for American Immigration Reform, told The Hill, “One would think that the utter disaster wrought by the Biden administration’s handling of the border, and our immigration system overall, would put an end to Republicans like Senator Tillis viewing an amnesty deal as the only path forward.”

No such luck. As we know from past RINO behavior, that is not the case at all. RINOS are always conspiring to make “comprehensive immigration reform” deals where the only real reform is allowing even more illegals into the country and giving amnesty and voting rights to as many as possible.