After living through the fairy tale world of Biden’s Press Secretaries, Jen Psaki and Karine Jean- Pierre, we have learned much about what the Democrat party looks for when choosing a Press Secretary to spin their lies to the media and to the United States voters and non-voters.

If you are interested in the job, should it be open again under the Biden presidency, here are the two main ways in which you need to qualify for the job.

1. You must be a minority

Just like many other appointments and jobs being offered and filled in the Democratic presidential administration, they are very adamant that you are a minority. They must be able to point to you as the “first” this or the first that – whether that means you are female, black, brown, purple, L, G, B, T or Q, non-binary, a vegan or a evening-gown wearing non-binary like fired Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition (nuclear waste), Sam Brinton, a biological male, who was FINALLY fired by the Department of Energy after videos surfaced of him stealing women’s suitcases from airports.

Of course, the only thing being said is that he’s no longer a “DOE” employee – he could have been reappropriated somewhere else in the Biden administration. But for now, Brinton has been charged with grand larceny and as he awaits a gig on CNN or MSNBC.

Then we have Jean-Pierre who is a double blessing for the Biden administration as she was hailed as the first openly homosexual African American female Press Secretary. Just finding a Black person to brief the press wasn’t enough for the Democrats since George H. W. Bush did that in 1991 when he had Judy Smith brief the White House press corps while she worked as deputy press secretary for the President.

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Everyone loves progress and diversity is great but it should not be the only qualification to work in the Biden administration nor should it be used as to create the only or first pool of candidates looked at for any of their jobs.

2. You must be able to lie convincingly

This requirement is one of the main prerequisites for the White House Press Secretary job considering it’s 99% of what you do all day. When (if) the reporters do their job and ask important and pertinent questions, you will be pressed to come up with lies, excuses, explanations, denials, tale tales, diversions, fabrications, hoaxes, slander, falsifications, misstatements, disinformation, misinformation and malformation to present to the public. The more you actually believe the information personally, the better, as it will come across as more authentic.

You should also come up with some good phrases to preface any lie that follows your statements. Before spinning her tales, Jean-Pierre starts off her sentences with “So look…” or “Let me be clear…” or “The President has been clear…” That’s a 100% tip-off that lies are soon to follow and it’s a way to ridicule anyone who is thinking about opposing what she is about to say or has “erroneously” reported on the President in the past – like Peter Doocy.