Woke politicians and celebrities have been on a kick after the killing of George Floyd to free as many criminals out of jail as they can. It’s a thing with them.

They assume that everyone thrown in jail, especially people of color, are unjustly incarcerated and even VP Kamala got in on the act in 2020 by endorsing a charitable bail organization, the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), that helped rape and murder suspects get out of jail while they were waiting to go to trial.

They raised $35 million during the riots to bail out people who were charged with sex crimes, murder and other violent felonies.

These woke leftist folks don’t care about you and me. They don’t care about victims. They don’t even care about minority victims. They care about looking “woke” and promoting lawlessness. They wanted to make sure that everyone who was incarcerated during the “Black Lives Matter” riots were able to be set free and they persist with their work today with continuing bail funds and getting woke prosecutors in office who don’t aggressively pursue criminals.

It’s “All About the Benjamins” as well. These social justice organizations have been springing up everywhere because it’s the new pathway to riches and fame. Not only do they get money from regular folks and from each other – but also from the governmental grants that are currently being distributed all over the country by federal, state and local governments.

While the celebrities, politicians and other folks involved in the MFF fund were able to get off scot-free as moral or legal accomplices in being total degenerates and responsible for future crimes that were able to be committed, it looks like, according to the Daily Mail, the Las Vegas chapter of The Bail Project isn’t so lucky.

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The organization, which was backed by celebrities John Legend, Danny Glover and Richard Branson, is being sued by Chengyan Wang, an Asian waiter who fired at, getting shot 11 times (and somehow survived), by Rawshawn Gaston-Anderson, who had his bail paid for earlier by The Bail Project after being arrested for burglary and theft.

Anderson had his bail paid for by The Bail Project even though he had a past history of crime.

Wang’s attorney has said The Bail Project used no “due diligence” in determining if Anderson would be a danger to the community or likely to re-offend.

The organization has since closed their Nevada chapter.

I think these kinds of lawsuits are a step in the right direction to fight back against the woke leftists who are trying to destroy any kind of justice system that we still have left in America.