It looks like President Disaster’s Student Loan Bribery Plan is still on hold for the moment. He came up with the scam before the election, promising to forgive thousands of dollars for millions of people who took out loans for college – a potential pot of billions of taxpayer dollars handed out to people who signed contracts to pay money back because they wanted to become doctors or lawyers or gorilla biologists.

But alas, there appears to be judges in this country who still follow the constitution and realize that Biden doesn’t have the authority to implement the program.

The American Wire reports “President Biden’s student loan debt relief program was dealt another legal blow on Wednesday when a federal appeals court unanimously decided not to overturn a decision by US District Judge Mark Pittman, who ruled against it on November 10.”

Poor Biden didn’t have any Biden-friendly judges in the courtroom to help him out even though one of them was appointed by Obama. The other two were appointed by Trump and George W. Bush. Pittman was appointed by Trump.

The case will be heading to the Supreme Court in February according to Just the News.

Biden is confident of a victory and has said that his plan is “legal.”

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No worries though as he’s extended the student loan payment pause through June 30, 2023. As long as he’s president, there might not be any student loan payments at all.