With a straight face, Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) said from her delusional perch of communications on Thursday that “What Americans should know is that the president has done the work to deal with what we’re seeing at the border since day one.”

YEP. You’ve got that right. He IS the one responsible for the “work” we’re seeing at the border. But that “work” is not the work that most Americans want.

“Work” to the Biden administration is processing illegal aliens as quickly as possible to bring them into the interior of the country.

So that “work” involves giving illegal aliens phones, comfy blankets, medical care, good food, soccer balls, trips via planes, trains and buses to the cities of their choice to be reunited with their family and friends. They are handed over to NGOs, non-profits and churches who are paid off by the federal government to get them moved quickly and taken care of. They got grant money paid for by, guess who, YOU.

The press briefing from December 19th was another joke where KJP says Homeland Insecurity Secretary Mayorkas has been “surging resources to the border.”


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That wouldn’t be any kind of resources to STOP the invasion of our country though.

It would just be resources to make sure the illegal aliens are welcomed into the country as quickly as possible.

So by Democrat metrics, which is the only thing they use, they are doing a fantastical job.

Meanwhile, the predictions are for about 20K illegals to come into the country per day after Title 42 is done with. Of course, we all know the REAL numbers will be much higher than that.

The Biden administration, who is still using the COVID-19 emergency as a means to continued tyrannical rule, argued in court that the health rationale that Title 42 is using is not valid anymore.

OH, REALLY? So COVID-19 is over then? Good to know.

We’ll see what happens on January 11th when the public health emergency is supposed to end. We’ll see what they REALLY think about the pandemic being over.