Before the midterms Joe Biden’s political future was cloudy. But with the much better than expected showing of the Dems on election day his prospects are brighter, as he can’t be held responsible for a serious debacle. In fact, he’s had the best first midterm result for a party in power in twenty years.

As such, he’ll probably get the 2024 Dem nod if he’s sentient enough to accept it. However, he’s still not completely out of the woods yet.

It was mostly a matter of Republican mistakes that gave the Dems a pleasant surprise in early November. Doomed Trump proxies in blue or purple states and a message that focused too much on Dem wackiness, with little on how Republicans would do better, were the primary factors contributing to the Red Drizzle.

But Biden still remains quite unpopular, his policies are still a disaster, and he still loses his marbles on a daily basis. That is tempting stuff for several potential Dem challengers to Biden in 2024. Let’s look at their prospects.

Newsom- Says he’s out of the race. Actually he’s merely biding his time and acknowledging Biden’s victory of expectations in the midterms. Newsom will wait until the middle of next year then reassess his opportunities. This Ken doll wants the presidency so bad he can taste it, though his rep is of a guy who lives in his own delusional world of self grandeur. Plus California is a Third World basket case. If Biden falters Newsom will run and lose to anyone but Trump.

Harris- This veep has been relegated to clown jobs in the administration. But the crazy leftist majority in the party may not accept anyone but a black female if Biden doesn’t get the nod. Pray for this candidacy and nomination. It would be a train wreck, as the woman is crashingly dumb and is about as articulate as a coffee table. Even Trump could beat her.

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Hillary- She’s seemingly gone, but in her own Trump-like mind she was robbed of the presidency and will stab at it from the depths of hell if she thinks she stands a chance to seize the nomination. She doesn’t. So after all that mutual effort Bill got the prize and she’s left holding the bag. Yay feminism.

Beto and Abrams- Why not? They become more beloved by the media and fellow Dems every time they lose. And Beto has done it before. If they play their cards right, she more likely than him, could end up with a Cabinet post. At the very least more fawning press and millions to spend on a jaunt. What’s there not to like?

Sanders- Does the old Bolshie have one more run in him? No. He’s getting so much of what he wants from the Biden administration he feels no need to challenge the incumbent. And as there are more authoritarian socialists than hack Dems in the White House, Sanders won the 2020 race anyway.