Regardless of the recent election losses we have suffered, all is not lost. Really.

Steve Gruber’s show exists in the “No Panic Zone” and the great Rush Limbaugh always told us that he’d let us know when it was time to panic. He never did. That’s because he finally admitted that he NEVER intended to tell us that it was time to panic because he was never going to give up on the country – nor did he want the rest of us to do so.

What we all have to understand is that this is an ONGOING BATTLE. In an ongoing battle, you don’t quit. You re-group, re-strategize and you stay in the game. Even the Democrats don’t win all of their battles. They figure out other ways to win. They are very good at that. We aren’t.

We are in a position now that I am going to compare to what was going on in the animal rescue world back when it was the animal rescue groups vs. governmental-run animal shelters and we were battling the evil animal shelter people who were killing cats and dogs right and left because it was easier and cheaper and they didn’t want to bother with doing anything else.

We fought them. We beat them (mostly – except in some places in the south)… But we didn’t give up. We are still fighting and we are winning. We are saving lives.

Wanna know what we did? We organized, we exposed them, we went to commissioners meetings, we BECAME commissioners, we got together with the media so they would report what was going on, we endorsed candidates, we had animal rescue conferences to network and come up with strategies…

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I could go on and on. What we DIDN’T do is give up.

We played the game the government was playing because we had to. They were the ones who set the rules of the game so we had to learn the rules and sometimes we got the rules changed. Sometimes, if they were decent people, we worked with them – we helped them do their jobs (for free). Either way, voluntarily or not, we made it known that they were either going to work with us and do the right thing and stop killing cats and dogs or we were going to expose them and get rid of them and find someone who WOULD work with us.

The point of the story, as I already stated above, is NOT to give up. Because that’s when you actually lose.

I’m not saying that things aren’t bad. But they aren’t hopeless. And I certainly don’t believe we are unable to do anything.

So here is a small list of things you can think about doing to help your country. It’s not a complete list but it’s something. And it’s certainly better than sitting in your basement whining.


Many things that directly affect you are at the local level. It’s locally where you can make the most impact whether it’s with your time or money. If your local elections sucked as bad as your state and federal ones did, maybe you need to get in the game. Even run for office. Or help those who do with your money and time.

Start showing up at your local school board meetings, city and county commissioners meetings and road commission meetings. Or at least watch them online to see what’s going on. Pay attention. Speak during public comment.

You have Facebook and Twitter. If not, you have a phone – and family and friends. Let people know what’s going on in your community. And if something IS going on that you don’t like, jump in, pitch in. Say something and try to fit what you see that needs to be fixed.

And you CAN actually fix problems. Volunteer at the homeless shelter, organize a protest, pay for a veteran’s meal, volunteer at your local school to tutor or help during lunch, join a non-profit group or send them donations…Trust me, there are all kinds of needs in your community. You should be involved in SEVERAL non-profits and participate in fundraisers to help them out. Make life better for someone else because there is always someone who has it worse than you do. And especially now, there are lots of people who are in an economic peril that they never expected to be in and have to figure out how to deal with it on a fixed income. Check out your local veterans organizations and churches and homeless shelters and see what they need. Skip the Starbucks and the $30 McDonald’s lunch next Friday and drop off food to the food pantry instead. Door dash a pizza to your local police precinct or firehouse.

Don’t sit around and complain. DO something.


You need to start preparing for the economic conditions that will most likely last for at least another few years, especially in Michigan with our new Democratic controlled Governorship, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Legislature and Supreme Court.

If you don’t already live within a budget, do so. Don’t let those dollars slip by you with nothing to show for it. Limit your eating out and run all of your errands at once so that you use less gas. And, yes, hoard supplies and food (and pet food) if you can afford it – because you never know what’s going to happen with our supply chain with the Democrats in charge.

Downsize if you can and cut the cable bill if you can. Make Christmas gifts instead of buying them, shop at the second-hand stores and the Dollar Stores (now $1.25!).

Yes, I know it’s not fair that WE have to suffer because we have an idiotic, corrupt, evil government on many levels but that’s the reality that we find ourselves in. So we have to prepare the best that we can.

So take care of your own family first – the people in your house. Then your close family and friends and neighbors. Then your community. Then anyone else you are able to help.

Form alliances of like-minded people and make sure you aren’t living paycheck to paycheck with only five days of food in your house.


I know how you like to be on the side of good and not evil – and do things the right way and win fair and square. But we can’t win that way anymore with Democrats in power. And they’re using their corrupt power to make their corrupt power permanent. Read their playbook “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinski. Ballot harvest. Get people registered like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis did. See what you need to do to overhaul your state’s election system to make it fair and secure and honest – and to have your votes counted in less than a week. Study what the Democrats do and use their strategies to beat them at their own game.

It’s all about ballots now, not votes. Republicans need to start their campaigns way before absentee ballots get sent out. Late-to-the-game strategies and ad blitzes don’t work anymore. Do what you can to get ballots returned that support Republican candidates. Make it easy for Republican voters. Help them out.


Whitney Houston had it right when she sang, “I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way…” That is how the Democrats win – they indoctrinate or kids with their lies and political ideology. Put down your cell phones and the fork and pay attention to what your kids are learning. Go to the school board meetings. Look at their assignments. Sit in on Zoom classes. And if you don’t like what you see, homeschool. And teach them REAL history. And don’t send them to a liberal college where their minds will get even more warped. Keep them off social media the best you can – give them limits. They need REAL lives, not virtual lives. Teach them to do things they’ll need later in life – budgeting and investing, fixing a tire, putting up a fence, putting up drywall and things like that. They will thank you when they are adults.

And we need to educate other people’s kids too. Get your message out on TikTok and Instragram and whatever the kids are using. They’re not using Facebook and Twitter. Engage the young people in discussions. Don’t let them get only one side of the story.


Are you in blue Michigan? Or blue California? Is there a reason you have to stay? If you are able to get out because you are retired or work from home and don’t have family around, maybe NOW is the time to hit the road.

If you are in a tyrannical state, it might be time to look for one that is run by folks who still believe in the Constitution and doesn’t force you to take untested vaccines or locks down your schools and businesses. If you live in a blue state like I will be in 2023, you will be having more economic havoc, a war on guns and fossil fuel and more business restrictions coming your way. Things are going to go from bad to worse and maybe moving out is your only option to survive the tyranny.

There are plenty of red states that still believe in freedom and the Constitution. At least there are right now until the Democrats take over those too while you sit in your basement.

“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.” – Stephen Richards. No, I have no idea who Stephen Richards is.