Every time the left doesn’t want us to investigate something that they consider to be settled science or the “truth,” they call our investigation of that issue or person a CONSPIRACY THEORY.

They do this with everything. The latest matter of contention is the attack on Paul Pelosi. Just like with any true crime drama, conservatives are very inquisitive people. We don’t accept what the media tells us like the dopey leftists who don’t want to investigate anything for themselves. They are lazy and they are un-curious people. They want to be told how and what to think so they don’ have to bother to come up with any original thoughts.

On Twitter, they are headline readers, looking no further before they re-tweet their vile comments and join the echo-chamber of attackers.

Regarding the attack on Pelosi…there were obvious questions from the start…there was a photo of glass OUTSIDE of the door that was supposedly broken from the outside, we questioned how the police got there so fast, we wondered how someone can possibly get into the Pelosi house with their security…and, of course, we wonder about the timing of this all happening about two weeks before the midterm elections…All legitimate questions when something appears a little off…

Elon Musk tweeted (and deleted) a story over the weekend about Pelosi possibly meeting up with a man at a bar before the break-in. Whether true or not, the left doesn’t want to talk about it. They only want to talk about the suspect being a right wing nut and his ties to extremist Republicans and Trump and all things MAGA.

The left works to deny us any discussions on anything they don’t approve of. That’s why Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter is freaking them out. At their base, they oppose freedom of speech in all of its forms. They don’t want any dissemination of information that they haven’t approved of.

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They oppose us taking information and sharing it with others. Information that will be posted, discussed, ridiculed, questioned, supported, ignored, promoted, shared, tweeted, advocated, embraced, opposed, resisted, discouraged and countered.

Discussing and debating information is actually how a person gets to the truth. But that’s not the goal of the left.

As conservatives, we ask questions. We always have. On CNN this morning, they had on their Brady Bunch panel of squares, and were calling those who have alternate theories of Paul Pelosi’s attack “conspiracy theorists.”

The poor things were apoplectic that their control of the narrative was getting away from them. The oxygen in the room was needed only to vilify the right about the attack and not discuss anything else. When there are folks second-guessing their leftist narrative, it takes away precious air time from their own tales.

And that’s why they love censorship so much. They been enjoying the past few years of being able to get away with their censorship with the help of the social media platforms and leftist “fact checkers.” But now, Elon Musk appears to be throwing a wrench into their censorship power and they aren’t happy.

And while they defund the police and attacked them during 2020 riots with paint and urine and Molotov Cocktails – and they call for an end to ICE and go after border agents, they DO have their “law enforcement” that they support – the corrupt DOJ, the corrupt FBI, the prosecutors and judges letting criminals out of jail…

As long as the law goes after their political enemies and protects them from whatever they are up to, the leftists are all smiles.

We, on the other hand, trust but verify. We want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We want crimes investigated, not people. And we realize that under Democrat rule, we no longer have blind justice anymore. We don’t trust trust law enforcement when it comes to investigations that have to do with political figures because the Republicans always get the shaft and the Democrats always get to run free. Especially when the FBI and DOJ are in charge.

Because of this unequal no-justice system and because of the lies in the fake news media, we question everything and seek the truth.

There have been many things that the Democrats have described as conspiracy theories that have proven to be the truth – or will be at some point. Things that we have said were the truth that the leftists just don’t want known to the general public. At the very least, there are a ton of questions surrounding things that leftists are involved with that need further investigation so that the truth is uncovered at some point.

Hunter Biden’s laptop. The IRS going after political enemies. Climate change. Covid lies about vaccines and masks. China causing the pandemic in a lab. Obama spying on Trump. The Steele Dossier being a hoax. Seth Rich being Wikileaks source of Democrat emails. FBI being involved in Whitmer kidnapping and Jan. 6th attack on the Capitol. 2017 Las Vegas Shooting. Pipe bombs planted outside DNC and RNC on Jan. 5th, 2021. The leftists rigging the 2020 election. The “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein. Biden threatening Ukraine to fire prosecutor to save his son’s butt. And the current one about election interference and Biden begging Saudi Arabia to hold back on the cutting of the production of oil until after the midterm elections. All things that the Democrats don’t want us talking about.

The Democrats are flat-earthers. If they say something is something, then it’s only the something that they say it is. Facts don’t matter and no questions should be asked. The discussion is over.

Oprah and the other Democrats have come up with a new phrase to use for their lies. They talk about “my truth” – and that’s exactly what things are in their world. It’s THEIR truth, not THE truth.

It’s their opinion disguised as a truth so they can stop you from challenging them.