In a recent article, I explained how our insecure border is going to get even more insecure when Title 42 ends. A U.S. District Court judge (appointed by Bill Clinton) made a ruling that Trump’s Title 42 immigration rule was “arbitrary and captious in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act.”

Because of that, in a few weeks our country can no longer deport illegal aliens because of COVID-19 health concerns – or any other communicable diseases. Title 42 will be no more and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s authority to allow Border Patrol Agents to expeditiously remove illegal aliens from breaking into our country will be kaput.

Since Biden wants more illegals, the Biden administration won’t be appealing the ruling.

Since when can a country be stopped from stopping an illegal alien invasion? Since the Democrats are in charge of the United States – and don’t want to do it.

According to The Daily Mail because of the ruling to get rid of Title 42, there are thousands of people waiting to break into the country camped out in Mexico. They’re in camps in Tijuana, Mexico (14,000+) and Juarez, Mexico counting down the days to get on the Democratic gravy train, get amnesty and start voting for dems ASAP.

Under Biden, there have been millions and millions of illegals allowed to invade the country while he’s bee “in charge” so that they can be future Democrat voters – with many more to come – with some estimates to be around 500K a month – which is about the population of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Unless the illegal aliens start pledging loyalty to the Republican party, the invasion will NOT end under the Biden administration and Democrat rule.