Herschel Walker is not an optimum candidate. Brian Kemp would have been better. But Kemp wisely stayed in the governor’s mansion.

Walker is a Trump proxy in a trending purple state and he is not exactly WFB when it comes to expressing his thoughts. However, he is a state football hero and celebrity counts for a lot. Thus, there could have been a better candidate for the US Senate, but Walker is not a horrible candidate.

The main charge against him is that he is not articulate. However, the same people who hit him for this are the same people who would also have voted for John Fetterman in PA. That’s right. An addled Republican is anathema. But an addled, indeed broken-brained Dem? Well, that’s just fine.

This is not just theory, but granted a poll of a small sample. A close friend from Georgia, who is basically a moderate liberal, stayed with me during the recent holiday. Suspecting his hypocrisy and knowing he’s voting for Warnock, I asked him if he would have voted for Fetterman if he lived in PA. He answered in the affirmative.

So the next time you get hit with the Walker is an Idiot Offense use the So is Fetterman Defense. One good cretinous candidate deserves another, and so on…

I usually don’t print comments on my articles. But a friend who is an academic and who has been quoted anonymously here before wrote something quite good in response to my recent piece on the potential fight for the 2024 Dem presidential nomination. I quote it here because it serves as a good coda to my piece.

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“We know that the leftist policies of the Dems have been horrid, disastrous, and too often destructive and even deadly. The corpses of far too many minority youths have lain on the streets of far too many of our cities. The great majority of the dead have been killed in the backwash of ‘progressive change.’ Fentanyl flows across our unguarded borders washing our young into our morgues. Our schools have become centers of ignorance & propaganda leaving an uneducated youth that cripples both them & America. The suggestion that depriving young pubescent girls of their breasts and administering powerful drugs to stop our male youths’ normal translation into young men (& the ghastly and accompanying surgeries) are not compared to Nazi medical experiments but rather as policies that are, somehow, in the best interest of youth too young to receive driver’s licenses. Parents are deemed too dangerous to attempt to question the educational bureaucracy. And yet little of this will be raised in public as a soft Stalinism turns our media & communications into a one-party state. Regardless of whether Biden runs or not, whoever fills his empty suit will be the captive of this grotesque machine.” Spot on.