Prolonged vote-counting always seems to benefit the Democrats.

Democrats always seem to find just enough votes in the places they need to win and quite often, it happens after a delay in vote counting. Even though the Republicans won the popular vote during this midterm election, we still lost many important races.

Their manipulation of our voting laws has given Democrats the advantage to win since the pandemic started and they used the emergency to illegally change voting laws all over the country. No voter ID, mass mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, no signature matches, chain of custody issues and more.

So we sit back and wait for vote tallies to come and what happens is that we end up watching the Republicans, who might be close (or ahead) slowly lose in the end. The longer the vote counting goes on, the better chance the Democrats have of winning a race.

We noticed this on steroids when Biden won the presidency. And it happened recently with the senate races in Nevada and Arizona.

My step-daughter asked me over the weekend, “I’m just curious…Has a Republican ever benefited from the slow ass election results? Seems like it lets Dems win…”

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Well, the only politician who comes to mind who benefitted from a slow count is George W. Bush with the whole hanging chads thing. But other than that, no, I can’t think of another Republicans who benefitted from slow ass election results.

But I’m just a conspiracy theorist, right?

Well, I’m not alone because Kevin Sorbo thinks the same thing as I do. He tweeted, “Weird how every time there is a delay in counting the votes the democrats seem to jump ahead. Bizarre.”

You can think that all you want – as we wait for the results for the House of Representatives, which haven’t been resolved after six days. I guess we’ll see what happens in that one.

And oddly enough, Florida, which has a larger population than many of the states who are taking days to count their votes, are somehow able to count their votes on time and give everyone their election results the same day as the actual election. Greta Van Susteren had tweeted, “How come Florida with population of 22 million can get same day election results and Arizona with population of 7 million can’t?”

That’s because Florida doesn’t have people turning in their mail-in ballots on Election Day anywhere but their county elections office. Additionally, Florida is done verifying signatures and tabulating about 95% of the mail-in ballots before Election Day. Florida law actually requires counties to get the mail-in ballots counted by 7 p.m. the day before the election and posted within 30 minutes of the polls closing. One more thing – Florida has in-house scanners to process the ballot envelopes while some places like Maricopa County in Arizona doesn’t and sends their envelopes to a separate facility to be scanned.

But you can only have that kind of efficiency and common sense rules when you are ruled by a Republican Governor and Secretary of State – and a Republican House and Senate – like Florida has.

Because of my theory that Republicans lose ground as vote counts lag on, I’m predicting that Republican Kari Lake will probably lose the Arizona governor’s race as well.

On “Sunday Morning Futures” Lake discussed the fact that five days later, votes are still being counted. She said, “This incompetency or maladministration is outrageous.”

I don’t think it’s lost on anyone that the whole voting system in Arizona is under the control of her Democratic challenger, Katie Hobbs, who is the state’s Secretary of State.