In a recent article I wrote, I told you how the Democrats love to call us names – Deplorables, cockroaches, insurrectionists…the list is long.

But now it looks like they’re ready to call EVERYONE a name in order to push their climate change agenda. The folks at the Arctic Risk Platform have a name generator so that you can raise awareness about the destruction of the planet. They say, “Rapid Arctic warming has global impacts. If you become an Arctic name changer, it can be a real game changer.” So they are poetic alarmists.

They ask that once you create your new Arctic name, you make it your name on social media to create an impact. Their Facebook link takes you to Arctic Basecamp and it says they are a group of experts and scientists who know that Arctic change is at a critical juncture.

Yes, YOU are destroying the planet and the leftists must rename you.

Besides renaming Biden, I put in some other names to see what we should call the Democratic leaders from now on. Here we go…

Kamala Harris = Kamala Destructive Weather Harris

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Nancy Pelosi = Nancy Soaring Temperatures Pelosi Gretchen Whitmer = Gretchen Rising Seas Whitmer I also put in Orange Man Bad…

Donald Trump = Donald Destructive Hurricanes Trump

I think we need to come up with our own name generator for the Democrats. That way, we’d end up with some more truthful names like…

Sex-Addict Money Launderer Hunter Biden.

Or Bartending Ignorant Elitist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Anyone out there know how to write an app??