I don’t really care if the Paul Pelosi attack is real or staged or committed by a right wing or a left wing nut. More important than anything, it’s a symptom of the greater disease – the left’s attack on our civil society.

Not that they’ll ever admit it. Not that Nancy Pelosi will draw the same conclusion. No, Nancy and the Democrats will blame it on guns and right win rhetoric. But it’s their own “social justice” policies have caused the crime wave that is happening across the nation.

Ever since the killing of George Floyd, the left has decided to be on the side of the criminals in everything they do. I don’t need to get into it for the zillionth time – you know what I’m talking about it.

But the thing is… we’re not all as lucky as Nancy and Paul Pelosi. They can actually afford to have security and they have police will actually show up lickety-split when their address comes up on a dispatcher’s screen.

Then there’s the rest of us – the real people out here who don’t have a nice security system and a driver and motion detectors and quick police nearby. We are not protected by gates and walls and other amenities. We have to use subways and walk to work down sidewalks littered with homeless people and needles.

We are living in areas where Democrats have defunded our police and chased many of them into early retirement. We are living in areas where the criminals are let free over and over again to commit crimes over and over again. Where mentally ill people are left to live on the streets and roam around in search of victims in their drug-hazed realities.

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And while most of you have been hearing about Paul Pelosi all weekend, who you probably haven’t heard about is Ken and McKenna who were stabbed to death in Palmdale, north of Los Angeles.

Ken Evans and his 22-year-old daughter McKenna were killed in a random attack by a homeless person on Thursday while spending the morning together working on a car. They were approached by the homeless man and after getting into an argument, the man stabbed them both. The daughter died at the scene. The father died at the hospital.

McKenna’s mom and Ken’s widow, Elizabeth Evans told The Daily Mail, “I am completely destroyed… McKenna wasn’t just my daughter, she was my best friend…” and described her husband as a loving father.

These scenes are playing out all over the country and although it may be too late to put the genie back in the bottle, we don’t have a chance in heck to save ourselves if we don’t at least vote that Democrat social justice genie out of office and onto the unemployment line in November.