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Supremes Likely To Strike Down College Admissions Racism

We have been told over the years by wise people that bigotry is wrong, that giving one group unfair advantages over another is morally problematic. And this is correct.

But the same people who told us this for decades changed their tune with the serious advent of PC in the 1990s.

Now, the left proclaimed, whites must be discriminated against at all costs to prevent their hideous race from further polluting the planet. By the way, Asians are considered absolutely Caucasian too under this bizarre set of standards.

Who took to this like a commissar to an enforced famine? America’s supposedly elite colleges in the Ivy League and other indoctrination centers.

It was Jim Crow and the Kluxers dressed up in a different shade of hate, but the premise is the same. One race good, another bad, no room for individuality, everyone classified into a group. George Orwell, call your office.

Who comes to the rescue? You’ve got to give him credit on this, Donald Trump. For without his Supreme Court nominations this and a host of other left wing nostrums would still be the legal status quo.

On this issue the conservative court majority did not take kindly to the legal gymnastics of the pro-racism lawyers before them this week. Justice Alito and CJ Roberts clashed with the bigoted shysters. Justice Thomas, usually quiet during court proceedings, was in the game and holding the Ivy apologists to account for their clients’ discrimination against non PC-approved groups.

As such, the current Trump-designed Supreme Court will likely strike down race based college admissions policies. The ruling will come next summer, perhaps sooner.

These kind of common sense conservative high court decisions are Trump’s greatest legacy, his long term gift to America. Like him or not, if he wins in 2024 or not, his achievement here is nothing short of brilliant.

I should talk. As a guy whose Latin/South American Indian/black bloodline likely got me goodies and perks I had no business acquiring, you’d think I’d be for the current deal. Sure, it was fun using a leftist crowbar to get into doors then immediately turning on my erstwhile sponsors. Also nice was guilting clueless Republicans into letting me handle the non-existent (see a recent article [1]) “Hispanic vote” for their campaigns. However, I could always gain ground without the artificial push. But hey, it was there and I like to win. Ergo…

What the likely ruling will do is actually establish a level playing field in college admissions, something the left has claimed they wanted for ages. But of course they don’t, as that would make for students who may not toe the authoritarian socialist line as easily as their current crop of droids. That outcome should establish a fairer and better college experience in the United States. Gawd knows American education needs it.