Like a jealous junior high school mean girl, the Democrat Party can’t believe some Latins are waking up from an ideology of victimhood and embracing the Republicans.

Today’s case in point is how the supposed Congressional Hispanic Caucus is actually the Dem Hispanic Caucus, as they deny the right of any Hispanic Republican to join their ranks.

Rep. Maya Flores, a Texas Republican, wanted to be a member of the CHC. No dice. She commented to press, “As the first Mexican-born American Congresswoman, I thought the Hispanic Caucus would be open to working together. This denial once again proves a bias towards conservative Latinas that don’t fit their narrative or ideology.

“I don’t need them. The Hispanic community doesn’t need them. We are the real voice. We are the voice of the Hispanic community,” Flores said during an appearance on Fox. “We stand for the values that we were raised with God, Family and hard work. That is what we are all about.” She’s absolutely right.

But what the FNC missed, or was afraid to cover, was the demographic angle. Latins know, as do I as an individual of Colombian heritage, that most Latin national groups despise each other.

The writer Tom Wolfe, in his excellent book Back to Blood, explained South Florida, where I grew up and the most powerful and affluent Latin city in the world, to an outsider: “You’ve got to remember, in Miami everybody hates everybody.”

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That translates into American politics as Mexicans and Puerto Ricans vote Dem and Cubans and South Americans vote Republican. Thus, apologies for redundancy to those who have read me on this before, there is no such thing as the “Hispanic vote.”

If you hear the term without the qualification of non-monolithic voting patterns, you’re talking to an idiot or a Dem spinning for their own purposes.

So the Congressional Hispanic Caucus likely blackballed Flores more on her demographic apostasy than on ideology. Latins can be over the top emotionally. Combine that with hysterical Dem politics and the resulting brew is not only toxic, but vindictive and irrational as well.

But the HBC is in for a rude awakening in less than two weeks. On social issues, just like blacks, Latins are very conservative. The Dem platform of the genital mutilation of children, drag queen story time, and men competing in women’s sports does not go over well during morning espresso or Sunday at the iglesia.

As a family oriented culture, even Latin illegals may, as they are naturally repulsed by the vile and twisted social mores of Democrats, revert to conservative voting patterns after they or their children become citizens one way or another.

This will thwart the main goal of the Dem immigration push, to flip Texas. Maya Flores, as a conservative Mexican female who has broken the bonds of PC victimhood, is a direct threat to their goal in Texas. Hence why Dems hate and fear her so much. On November 8th, they are likely to loathe Flores even more, as she retains her seat in the House.