The New York Post recently published a story about a study from Just Facts that says that one out of 179 Americans will eventually be murdered over the course of their lifetimes if the country’s murder rate remains at 2021 levels.

Well, gee, that’s nice to know.

I wonder what that number was before Trump and the Democrats went on their “Defund the Police” rampage and implemented social justice programs after the George Floyd riots – and started letting criminals out of jail and the prosecutors stopped prosecuting and the judges stopped giving out much deserved long sentences…

Just Facts used information from death certificates since the FBI’s National Incident- Based Reporting System is inaccurate with about 40% of the police departments not reporting with complete data. Since death reports are mandatory, unlike the FBI’s system where police departments voluntarily submit data, it is more complete and one would assume a LOT more accurate.

Looking through the death certificates, Just Facts determined that about 24,493 people were murdered in 2021. They came upon the number by adjusting the number of justifiable homicides by civilians which are not defined as murders.

The New York Post didn’t show us the math, but here it is from me…and please feel free to let me know if I’ve committed any mathematical errors…

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The average life span of a woman (me) is 81.

In 81 years, that’s 1,983,933 murders happening. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to figure out how many people were murdered in the 50-some years that I have been alive so I’m just going with the 24,493 per year number.

The current population of the county is 331.9 million (data from 2021). So…that’s a 0.59775% chance I’ll get murdered if I live to be 81.

That sounds even worse than 1 out of 179.