It has been said that a troop of trained monkeys could do a better job than the entire United States Senate. If we go with that and see the two main political parties as just larger troops of simians, then, with apologies to Peter Gabriel, we’ve got to shock the monkeys. Chaos reigns.

Watch the monkey get hurt.

The Republicans must shock the populism out of their system. Your average voter does not want the typical sheep next door running the government at any level. People with common sense realize it helps when elected officials have at least some vague idea what they’re doing and how to do it. Populism is the antithesis of such and on top of that it isn’t doing too well at the polls.

Something knocked me out the trees, Now I’m on my knees.

The Pitchfork Brigades substitute hysterical confirmation bias for facts and tend to mentally invest in wacky theories that are mostly promulgated by Emperor Xenon of Neptune, or at least seem so.

Their bridge and tunnel messiah, who had his good points, is now more interested in throwing red meat to his glassy-eyed devotees than winning elections.

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The results of races in Arizona, New Hampshire, and Maryland, showcase the damage populism is doing to the Republican brand. It must stop. And not capturing the Senate? Directly attributable to races noted above. Republicans such as Josh Hawley and Marco Rubio are calling for a new kind of Republican Party that forthrightly deals with real issues that affect Americans, not a cult of personality masquerading as a political movement. Trump has even lost Winsome Sears.

There is one thing you must be sure of, I can’t take any more.

For his part Trump The Unhinged decided to make up derisive nicknames and otherwise childishly insult any other Republican he thinks might stand in his path to the 2024 nomination. Yeah, a bad pun nickname is gonna stop a guy like Ron DeSantis. Oh sure it is.

The Dems have a much bigger problem. The main malady of the GOP is the populist virus. Get rid of that and a lot of bad juju goes away. But the Dems are so totally screwed by their hard left that GOP populism is the only thing that saves them in many races, hence their successful investment in Trump proxies all over the country. Republicans must stop spending valuable resources on these losers out of the Trump stable.

You throw your pearls before the swine. Make the monkey blind.

It will take a drastic political neurostimulus to bring the Dems back to moderate sanity. At this point they are nonviable at any level of government. They are actually not even a real party in the classically understood sense, but a Marxist clique with a grievance fetish.

And they can’t expect GOP populism to score any more own goals, as that show has just jumped the shark. The hard left owns the Democrats and it is here to stay for quite a while. That provides GOP opportunities across the nation.

Thus the Republicans must get over their fling with the sidewalk Caesars and take Democrats mano y mano on crime, the economy, and the woke bacillus. The border, parents rights, and energy production wouldn’t play badly either. That message works a helluva lot better than lamely derisive nicknames…Monkey. Too much at stake. Oh monkey. Ground beneath me shake. Monkey…